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Studio H International and its partners are all veterans in the adult entertainment business.
Our individual experience dates back to the late 1970s, when walking into a porno shop or
going thru an adult newspaper was a TRUE adventure! Therefore, we have been here and
have witnessed or been party to many of changes that have occured in the porn business
over the years. And are one of the pioneers in the now very popular "Hairy Girl" erotica so
common on the Internet today.

We helped to demonstrate to the porn business that there was indeed a market for hairy
girl erotic videos, promoting the few H & S, N . M . P . C . and Homegrown hairy girl titles
that existed in the early 1990s. As well as select titles from smaller companies.

Larry Flynt was the first commercial publisher of a "Hairy Girl" layout with the legendary
"Jungle Jill" issue of Hustler in March 1978, then again in September 1985... Prior to this
the Parliament "Body Hair" series was the only magazine devoted to the subject.

So, it wasn't until H & S came out with their classic "Hirsute Lovers" video in 1992, that
another mainstream producer dared to tackle the subject. We approached H & S about
marketing their video, then N . M. P . C . video about marketing their hairy compliations,
and this helped to found our company.

Next we approached Homegrown video and asked to review all 408 of their main titles
that existed at that time to scratch together the most "Hairy" titles for promotion. And
today, Homegrown has an excellent series devoted to the subject.

Now that we're in the Internet age, we plan on putting our many years of experience to
work at promoting those Websites, actresses, models, and photographers that we feel
fit into our philosophy about alternative women... Therefore, if we approach you or ask
about promoting your website; or you request for us to promote your Website and we
accept you, you will have over "30" years of marketing experience behind you. Plus, a
commitment and the connections to help you develop your project. So, talk to us...

We will post Banners, links, and reviews of your Website. Plus, a controlled "Snal Mail"
distribution of information about your Website to our Members, without the "Junk Mail"
or "Spam" E-mail Bullshit of other marketers. Plus, we are developing other techniques
that could be setting a new standard for Internet promotion. So, just remember that we
are MARKETERS first! And if we like you, we will be behind you 110%, giving you that
edge in an increasingly over-crowded Internet. Simply dropping links and Banners will
less likely be the standard. So, Stay tuned...

And if you're a model, photographer, entertainer, etc., already posting pictures on some
Website like Flickr, Youtube, Facebook, etc., or perhaps already have your own Website
we can take a look at it. Especially, if you or the Website fit into our "alternative" woman
philosophy? We're looking for people with the BALLS to document these type of ladies.
So, if you are bright enough or "brave" enough to catch our philosophy, talk to us! We
hope to continue in a new direction of documenting alternative women. Thanks