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Studio H International was founded in 1993 to demonstrate that there was
an interest in the woman not fitting the mainstream standard or definition
of what is beautiful or sexy... And this included women who are unusually
hirsute ( her-soot ) or hairy.

We now hope to serve as a place where any woman possessing a feature
or an ability that sets her apart from most other women can come and get
support as well as demonstrate to other women having similar conditions
that there is nothing to be ashamed about... And that millions actually find
such women to be sexy or attractive.

We welcome single women as well as couples, straight as well as lesbian
where one or both women possess a physical feature given on our listing.
Especially if you are PROUD or really don't give a crap about what society
or anybody thinks about your condition or that of your mate.

Many men are simply insecure or feel threatened by women possessing
more body hair than they do, who are taller, older, bigger, etc. However,
the Studio H man or woman is more secure and will not debase or make
you feel ashamed of being different. And men, especially must pass thru
a tougher member screening process.

And just as many men are insecure, many women also feel threatened
by any woman who does NOT conform to societal norms... Therefore,
if you choose not to shave your legs, armpits, etc. they simply cannot
understand your independence and strength to not conform or to not
care whether or not it is sexy or attractive to men, etc.

If a man feels that it's "Gross", disgusting, etc., then you know that he
is NOT the man for you... And if a woman feels that it's "Gross", she is
simply projecting her own insecurity, with Billions of Dollars made off
of those female insecurities.

We understand that a woman's vanity is important to her and are not
saying that a woman should not seek self-improvment. However, we
feel there are ways to better manage your situation rather than hate
yourself for not being like the "other girls", etc.

So, we hope that by being a "safe harbor" where women can come
and get support, observe women with similar conditions, etc., there
will be fewer women getting all stressed over a couple of stray hairs
or getting a pimple on their butt, etc.

We encourage ALL ages ( Over 20 ), racial, and ethnic backgrounds
and encourage cultural diversity. If you'd like to contribute pictures,
information or stories please contact us... If you've modeled for ATK
or similar Websites contact us.

We founded Studio H out of boredom with that Hollywood / Madison
Avenue ideal of a "perfect woman"! Therefore, if you are the woman
who's different or in a relationship with such a woman you're invited
to join us and explore alternative female beauty with us.