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Do you seek part-time work as a model? Are you looking for work
as a photographer? Questions about joining, dating, beauty, etc.?

Following is contact information to reach registered members and management of this Website.

As a member of this Website, you have the option of having us or publisher of newspaper "Relay" or "Forward" messages or mail to
your home address. Or have us publish direct contact information
for you on the Website ( Voice mail, P.O. Box, or "Mail Drop" ).

To forward a letter or message to an advertiser on this Website:

  1. ) Write name or "Code Number" of advertiser in lower left-hand corner of your mailing envelope. Write your 'Return Address' in upper left-hand corner, like a regular letter.

  1. ) Put a stamp in upper right-hand corner, like a regular letter.

  1. ) Put letter(s) in larger envelope with a $3.00 for one letter; or $5.00 for two; or $2.00 each for three or more letters, and mail in larger envelope ( with proper postage ) to Webmaster:

  1. H. I. Media; P. O. Box 50121, Dept. C; Long Beach, California 90815-6121 U.S.A.

To contact Webmaster E-mail is:

Webmaster Telephone: 323-850-8993

Editor: " Jungle Jim" E-mail:


WARNING: It is best to contact us via E-mail through Webmaster!
The phone number of Webmaster is for 'quick' answers to simple questions and problems... Talk is Cheap. If you like "yapping" on telephone, think you're "slick", etc., DO NOT waste his time. Our
Webmaster is busy and cannot spend all day talking! If it can't be resolved in 3 - 5 minutes it should be discussed via E-mail. We'll
get back to you. Editor will talk to Members only.

To contact publisher of newspaper send $4.00US to Webmaster
at the above address... When you receive paper(s) you'll get the
direct contact information for the publisher... Also information on
advertising, publishing pictures, entertainment, etc.

Hollywood Photographer: To be scheduled with our photographer
in Hollywood, you must be a registered member of this Website.
You can then be scheduled for a test or actual PAID assignment! Therefore, sessions are by invitation and appointment only...

If you plan on visiting Los Angeles or Southern California or want representation in the U.S.A. for work assignment or selling work in U.S.A.; information, directions, training, etc. we will help if you're a
Registered member. So, contact us!

XXX HARDCORE - We primarily deal with R rated or "Softcore"
type materials... And when you register we'll further explain the differences between Hardcore and Softcore type materials and
work; how to find safe, legitimate producers, photographers, etc.
If you've done ANY kind of adult entertainment work contact us!
And we'll discuss setting up a "Fan Club", message forwarding,
getting P/T work, L.A. Representation, etc. Note: no space for the text!
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Fun & Easy to Join!
Fascinating! REAL lessons in Life...