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Dear Web Surfer,

Following are REVIEWS of some of the most interesting and unique adult Websites on the Internet today as well as some of the most accurate. Our specialty is unique and "exotic" material... And we are connoisseurs in such areas as "ethnic" women and women with unique and unusual features or talents! Therefore, if we say it's "Hairy", you had better believe it's Hairy; if we say it's "Busty", you'd better believe it's Busty, etc. So, you will get an accuracy found at few other Websites. Plus, we've been members of most of Websites we review. So, join in confidence! And if you know of any great Websites that should be reviewed here, please contact us!!! Reviews by "Jungle Jim"
To see Websites, click HERE - FoulFowl is an "urban" based Website documenting the exploits of a gentleman as he cruises
the mean and dirty, pot-holed streets of Detroit and other locations... This is about as "Real" as it gets, as you
get a peek into the real lives of women out on the street, many of whom are Crackheads, many of whom simply
fell on hard times? Yeah, it could happen to ANYBODY! Especially in the current economic climate. FoulFowl 
is a very unique and intelligent approach, with a fascinating story to tell for each lady. 
BlackVaginaFinder - Next to FoulFowl, BlackVaginaFinder is also one of the best and most intelligent urban 
Websites out there... However, with BVF, he takes the women off the street and invites them into his house... 
And it is there that he then documents their story and the action. A very funny Website, especially if you can
"relate" or yourself come from an innercity or an urban environment... And you will get an absolutely amazing
variety of African-American women here. - is another urban Website, and perhaps the #1 best African-American Hairy
Girl Website on the Internet! So, if you're into women with really thick and "nasty"  Bushes, nasty Tits and Ass,
you WON'T be dissappointed. This Website is the REAL DEAL! And the photographer ain't afraid to go out and 
take pictures. Even if the gurl ain't always the Fashion Model type...Yeh, some of them are really, really Nasty!
Including an old lady with Chin and Chest Hair. Don't Miss... 
EXTREME Fisting Housewife - This Website, also known as "Cheating XXX Housewife" features a woman with a Pussy that will absolutely AMAZE you!!! We have always had a fascination for women with unusually "capacious"
or "LARGE" Vaginas ( see "Gallery" section ) and this woman is one of the Stars of the Internet! She does things 
with her pussy and asshole that will absolutely take your breath away... Check it out. See also, Amazing Ty and
Naughty Alysha featured below. - is another one of the most unique Websites on the Internet today, because the
owner is another guy who had a passion, picked up a camera and nervously began documenting it until it easily
became an interesting and fun routine... Thus, creating a new "niche" for the subject: "Hairy Mexican women!!!"
And it's about time, because anyone who has ventured into the Mexican community knows that eventually you
will see some very sexy women with Hairy Legs... And you will wonder exactly what's under that dress? Well,
join this Website to get some idea. It's truly Shocking! And he's always looking for new models. 
CrackWhoreConfessions  - Just like FoulFowl and BlackVaginaFinder, "Crack Whore Confessions" is one of
the most interesting Adult "Reality" Websites that you will find. And it features another guy who actually goes
out, interviews and Fucks Real Crack Prostitutes! Some of their stories are really fascinating too, as you learn
how they fell into this state... And one of the most fascinating ladies is a very attractive as well as very smart 
young African-American girl by the name of "Winter". To see a lady this intelligent and on Crack is perhaps a
bit disorienting, to say the least... However, it just goes to show you how this Rock can catch almost anyone,
if they're not careful... Also features some really Hot Latinas who can REALLY "Fuck"!  A Great Series 
Real Crack Hoes  - Real Crack Hoes takes us further into the world of girls turning tricks to get rock cocaine.
In some respects it's even more RAW than CrackWhoreConfessions, because it's a bit more "gritty" if that is
at all possible... It's Urban reality to the Max! And some of these girls just don't give a Fuck... What's really a
shame is that some of them are quite attractive... Order the DVD, it's worth the price.
Amazing TY - Another of the Internet's "Size Queens", this lady will also Blow you Away! And in our opninion,
should be studied by the medical sciences to figure out how a woman can stretch her holes this much and be
able to function? Geeezus... She even stretches her Urethra or "Pee Hole" and is one of the few ladies that I've
seen who can vaginally take a Champagne Bottle BIG END FIRST!!!  "Amazing"? You'd better believe it.
Naughty Alysha - Naughty Alysha is next, one of very few ladies capable of taking a Champagne Bottle BIG 
END FIRST up her Vagina!!! Yep, pretty damned incredible... And like "TY" she can also take TWO fists and
perform other amazing acts with her pussy... Plus, she's got a pretty nice set of TITS! So, if you're fascinated
by women with incredible vaginal capacities, don't miss this lady either... See sample picture of Alysha in the 
Photo "Gallery" section, where you'll also find "TY" stuffing the two BIG Black Dildoes. 
MatureAsia - Mature Asia is the best Website on the Internet featuring Mature Asian Women! The quality of 
the pictures is quite high, and very consistent, with a very good selection of models... The majority appear to 
be Thai nationals. However, they also have a section featuring mature Asian ladies of other nationalities. This 
Website should be quite an inspiration to all of us Mature Asian Woman lovers out there! So, check it out... 
B.J.s ExtremeSex - The First Lady of the vaginal and anal "acrobatics", B.J. has been performing incredible
acts with her pussy and ass on Internet perhaps longer than any of these ladies... And not since I was in the
military overseas in Asia have I seen such acts with BOTH vagina and anus... Geeeezus... She even "blows"
apples and oranges out-of-her-ass! And is perhaps the only other lady who can stuff a Champagne bottle BIG
END FIRST up her Vagina! Other ladies who can do this, PLEASE contact us! We are looking for some lady
who can stuff a 40oz comfortably up the old "Hooch". 
NOTICE: Another mission and goal of Studio H International is to educate and enlighten so far as alternative
forms of sex and sexual practices... Therefore, you'll witness "extraordinary" sexual practices performed by
persons who clearly KNOW THEIR OWN PERSONAL LIMITS! Therefore, we DO NOT encourage anyone to
do anything beyond their own limits. And to determine these limits through education, self-awareness, and
a patient and understanding sexual partner... Therefore, all sexual acts should be performed voluntarily and
NEVER be "Forced" against a person's will.
ATK- Most quality examples of Hairy Women appearing around the Internet are likely from "ATK Natural &
Hairy"... Established in 1996, they are the king of Hairy Girl Websites, with the greatest variety and volume
of models. We tip our hats to these guys, because they are one of the few Websites that really "Gets It"!
If you become a member, you will probably go "Nuts" trying to look at all of the content... 
RODNEY MOORE - Rodney Moore is another one of those pioneers from back in the days when the Hairy
Girl concept was still something new, and people were still learning to accept it. Therefore, we've admired
his work for quite some time... And he is also one of the few people in the business that really "Gets" the
whole idea of what constitutes a really Hairy Woman!  We don't know what they put in the water up in ole
Seattle, but the girls from his "Seattle Hairy Girls" have absolutely Wad-blowing levels of Hair! Including a
Russian or Eurasian looking chick by the name of Ember who is easily the Western "Queen of Armpits"! 
And another beautiful Indian or South Asian chick by the name of "Oasis". See our Galleries.    
Bubdzia - Bubdzia is a young lady from the country of Poland who, at a very young age, rivals Amazing TY
and B.J. so far as her asshole stretching abilities! Gawd... There are many records and accounts of various
objects being inserted into the anus, and this girl is also definitely another one for the record books! Dang...
Yep, the human anus is truely capable of some amazing feats. Don't miss. 
LindaMight - The reason why this lady is called "Linda Might" is likely because she possesses the World's
BIGGEST CLIT? As in "Mighty"? Geeezus, it's Fucking Huuuge... Yeh. If the Sissies who visit this Website
get upset over all of the ladies with Hairy Legs, Chest Hair, etc., this is going to really Fuck them up! Yeah,
like her clitty is so Fucking Big that she gets an ERECTION!!! Ye-aaaaahhhh!  Don't Miss...
DirtyDirector - This is by far, one of most nasty Anal Sex Websites on the Internet! Geeezus... If you like
asses and "Ass" of all ages, races, and shapes, with really HUGE Fucking assholes you'll definitely be in
ass heaven with this Website!!! And no doubt some of these ladies can "pinch one off" the size of a small
submarine! Yep. So, this guy has NO problem "slipping it in"... Really, really nasty, but SEXY women.