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Los Angeles
U.S.A. Worldwide
Come join us in this effort as we explore the beauty and sexuality of the woman
outside of the mainstream... Not only will you gain a much greater appreciation
for yourself if you are such a woman, married to, or dating such a woman, you
will also help inspire other women and earn money in the process.
WANTED: "Affiliates"! The Affiliate is an authorized member of this Website who simply drives traffic
to this Website with an authorized Member Code... And for each person who joins this Website with
the Affiliate's Member Code, the Affiliate will earn a $5.00 credit which will be converted to a CASH
payment at any time or when a certain minimum is accumulated. We simply keep a record of every
new member with the Affiliate's code! The minimum fee to become an Affiliate is $12.00US. Simply
Register with our Website to become an Affiliate. 
WANTED:Mature Asian Female members, age 30 to 70... All countries, including from Canada, the
U.S.A., Europe, Asia, etc. Register today... Including Housewives, singles, Former models, dancers,
entertainers, etc. We especially seek ladies with sexy pictures to share. Click HERE 
WANTED: Women with lots of Butt Hair... Do you have a really Hairy Ass? Lots of Hair growing all
over your back? Do you know such a woman? Tell us about it...  Do you consider it a problem or something that makes you feel sexy or does not bother you? How do lovers respond to it, etc.
WANTED: Ladies with lots of Pubic Hair... Do you have a really "wild" or thick Bush? Hair growing
"all over the place", etc.? Are you PROUD of it or consider it to be a "nuisance", etc.? Talk to us...
We welcome women ages 18 to 60+. All races, shapes, sizes, and looks. Lesbian or straight.
WANTED: Ladies with a really BIG PUSSY! Do you have an unusually LARGE Vagina? Masturbate
with large objects to achieve orgasms? Has childbirth left you abnormally "loose"? If you can put
a fist into your vagina or a 12oz. beverage can with little problem, then you have got a Big Pussy!
However, we will discuss ways to tighten or strengthen the vagina, vaginal "acrobatics", etc.
WANTED: Ladies with unusually "Floppy" Breasts! Do you have real set of "Hangers" or "Saggers"?
Are your Breasts unusually "Droopy"? We would like to hear from you... Large or small Breasted,
age 25 to 80, 100% Natural. How low do they go? Are your Breasts unusually sensitive, unusually
"tough" or capable of knocking over objects, masturbating someone, etc? Tell us about it...
WANTED: Alternative Female Escorts and Entertainers to advertise on our Website! Ages 20 to 70...
If you are a woman fitting the description of the types of women appearing on our Website, you're
invited to Register with our Website... For example, if you are an unusually "Hairy" Dancer or lady
entertainer capable of doing tricks with her vagina, etc., advertise on our Website, including clubs
where you are appearing, etc. Registration will help ad to your legitimacy and help protect you as
men seeking contact with you must also Register with this Website. However, we're NOT an escort
service or agency. So, you must be independent...
WANTED: Webcam models and actresses fitting the descriptions of women on our Website! Thus, if
you are Hairy, Busty, Mature, etc., contact us. We will have you register with our Website and help
drive extra business or traffic to your Website, thus helping to increase your potential profits.  
WANTED: Bi-lingual Phone Actresses! If you can speak Spanish, Chinese or Korean as well as good
English, this is an excellent opportunity with GREAT income potential... You'll be trained in English.
We will help generate extra business for you, thus increasing your income potential. Register with 
our Website, then click following link to apply. Tell them Studio H International sent you. HERE
WANTED: Women with "Facial Hair"! Do you have a "female moustache", chin hairs, whiskers, etc.?
Do you shave with a wet razor or an electric shaver? Tell us your story... Do you consider it O.K. or
to be sexy? Is it sexy with your husband, boyfriend, lovers, etc.? Ladies ages 18 to 70; Especially if
you are African-American, African, Latin American, Caribbean, Asian, Eastern European, etc. Send
sample pictures when you Register.
WANTED: Women with "Chest or Breast" Hair! Do you have strong or visible hairs growing between
your Breasts, all over your Tits, or long hairs sprouting from your nipples, etc.? Tell us the story and
whether or not you consider it to be sexy or a nuisance? We especially seek older girls, BBWs, and
women with extreme hormonal imbalances, etc. Talk to us...
WANTED: Hirsute or "Hairy" women! ALL races or looks...  If you have more hair growing on your
body than the average woman, such as armpits, legs, chest, back, etc. tell us the story. Especially
if you're Black, Latin, Asian Pacific Rim, Asian Indian, Middle Eastern, or Meditteranean. Or if you
know of such a woman... And we especially seek any lady who has modeled for another Website
seeking to CASH IN on their experience! Register with our Website and we can discuss setting up
a "Fan" base, forwarding letters to you, etc. 
WANTED: ALL Races of Mature Female member, ages 30 to 70+! Including former dancer, model,
actresses, entertainers, housewives, singles. Must be of sound mind or in good physical health...
We will discuss beauty, health, and sexuality related to being a more sexy older woman. Ladies
with pictures to share are especially wanted. Mature "ethnic" ladies such as Black, Asian, Latino,
Middle Eastern, South Asian or "Desi", also welcomed.
WANTED: Amateur photographers! Male and Female... Must be age 20 or older and able to take
good quality indoor flash type pictures. Any country. Your models or "subjects" must be female
and OVER the age of eighteen ( 18 ). They can pose lingerie, Bikini or Nude. "Bi-lingual" or able 
to speak good English and another language is a REAL PLUS! We will train. See Application in
Registration section. Serious applicants only. 
WANTED: Professional photographers outside of Los Angeles area, including Canada, Mexico, 
Asia, Europe, and other countries. Must be able to audition and photograph "legal age" adult
female models over the age of twenty ( 20 ). Must be registered with this Website. You will be
able to advertise or sell your work on this Website in addition to working for us... Apply in the
Registration section. 
WANTED: Alternative Female "Hippy" or "Grateful Dead" types of lady for Lingerie, Bikini, or
Nude model assignments, pen pals, pictures, stories, etc.  By "alternative" we mean OLDER 
women as well as NON-SHAVERS. NOT interested in the cute "Suicide Girl" types...  
WANTED: Women with Size 10, Size 11, or larger Feet! If you've got nice, Big, long sexy feet,
contact us. You could make money selling pictures, shoes, etc. What's your experience been
like being a woman with unusually large feet, etc.?
WANTED: Women 5' 10" to 6' 5" tall for models or advertisers on this Website! Some people are
really into into taller women. What has your experience been like being a tall woman, etc. We
especially welcome current or former atheletes, models, older women and ethnic ladies, such
as Black, Asian, Arab, Asian Indian, etc. Register today.  
WANTED: Really Hairy, Busty, or "Big Butt" Plus Size or BBW women... If you are an unusually
hirsute or hairy BBW ( Armpits, Body, or Legs, etc. ) or have unusually Large Tits, or large and
shapely Butt talk to us... Some BBWs are unusually hirsute or hairy due to hormones, etc. Plus,
some BBWs have really nice Tits or a really nice and shapely figure or Butt. So, if you're a Hot
BBW talk to us. Preferably Non-Obese ( below 250 lbs. ), ages 20 to 60+. ( Alternative BBW )
WANTED: Talent Scouts... Simply Register with this Website. Females preferred. This is great
opportunity for 'Bi-lingual' ladies fluent in English and any other languages. You screen calls
or E-mails to direct eligible ladies to our Website. And for each lady joining our Website you
will earn $5.00 comission when they join using your Member Code. Plus, $25.00 for any lady
hired to model for us. You work independently for us as well as photographers. 
NOTICE:  Few other ventures are as easy, interesting, and fun with same earnings potential 
as adult entertainment... However, one purpose of this Website is to "Screen" or weed out
minors and prudes! Therefore, if you are offended by the content of this Website or unable
to comprehend our mission, simply LEAVE!  We will also investigate alternative female sex
and beauty issues to help women to better cope with not "fitting in".  
WANTED: Female photographers! Ages 20 to 40+, to photograph women in your local area...
You'll take pictures of ladies needing pictures for this Website and any others. Many ladies
will need a photographer and may feel more comfortable having private lady photographer.
You will negotiate a fee with the lady according to her budget and take the pictures that she 
can submit with her application, post on our Website, etc. You'll deal with female members
of this Website. However, photographers may also double as Talent Scouts earning money 
signing other ladies up with our Website. See "Photographers" section.