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Another of the best kept secrets going is the use of "Snail Mail" to conduct a business...
And in the days before the "Internet" this was one of the most easy ways to begin your
own business! So, while the Internet and the use of E-mail has great advantages, if you
properly leverage the Internet with a Snail Mail program, you could build up a nice little
enterprise, with money literally coming to your mail box... And if you become a member
we will help you to develop a safe and effective program. 
So, while everybody "writes off" or dismisses Ben Franklins baby, and while revenue
continues to fall for the U.S. Postal Service you could be taking advantage of a sytem
that continues to effectively serve the public with less congestion and more services
and convenience than ever before.
GETTING STARTED: The first step to getting started in your mail order business will
be having a product or service to sell...  And we'll properly advise you on this, since
adult mail order will be slightly different from doing regular mail order business; plus
we are experienced marketers and will help you to promote your product or service.  
The most easy and effective products to sell are simple photographs or homemade
amateur adult vidoes... For example, if you're a woman with a "Great Ass", a "Great
Body", Nice Bush, etc., you could sell your photographs thru the mail... Or perhaps
you are a couple that likes to Fuck on video or a single woman or lesbians that like
to masturbate, dance, or make love on video? Well you could sell the video or DVD
thru the mail... And you could SAVE lots of money by using regular 35mm cameras
and film or VHS cameras and tape, as opposed to digital. Use the digital to produce
any photos or video to be uploaded on the Internet. Otherwise you'll have to "scan
in" the pictures for upload on the Internet. We can discuss this and arrange a class
that will teach you about these techniques.
We will evaluate your pictures or videos and help you to put together an effective
product, plus help drive traffic to any "Web cam" or Phone sex services that you
provide. Plus, we can tell you how to set up a "DBA" or Business name; or if you
already have a business name, Dovetail any current business into adult oriented
without interfering with your current business. Talk to us...
FORWARDING: We offer a safe, discreet, and secure mail forwarding service for
members of this Website... Thus, if you would like to have any letter or message
relayed or "forwarded" to you, simply register with the Website and we'll assign
a letter or mail forwarding code where people can respond to an ad by writing a
letter or message and sending it for us to securely relay or "Forward" to you...
However, if you wish to receive MONEY thru the mails, you must have a "Direct
Contact" address ( see below ) for us to publish, because we don't wish to get
involved with handling other people's money.
SCREENING: Another great advantage to having a letter forwarding account is
that it affords you the opportunity to more effectively "screen" out people who
you meet on the Internet, Voice Mail Dating, etc. Especially if you're a lady or a
gentleman 'of means', etc.  Plus, we can publish Voice Mail or message phone
number for you in an advertisement?  Thus, you could talk to people over the
phone, and have them relay a letter or photo to you thru the mail?  Plus, if you
are a lady or couple selling pictures, etc. you can safely screen anyone who is
requesting your pitures, etc., because it could be your boss the neighbor, etc.
So, take advantage of this service to more safely communicate or do business
with general public...
CODED ADS: If you give us permission to relay or forward snail mail letters to
your private address, we'll simply "Code" your ad. And respondent must pay
a small fee to forward letters to you... This is the cheapest way to advertise on
our Website... Also, NOT everybody has a computer or ready Internet access,
including many seniors and third world people. 

DIRECT RESONSE: The quickest and most powerful way to advertise on our
Website is by posing a direct response E-mail address, P . O . Box Address, a
Mail Drop, telephone or Voice Mail number in your advertisement. And we will
do this for about $5.00US per month ( See Application ) if you instead choose
to not have us relay or forward mail for you.
PACKAGES: If you're a lady advertising in our "Fantasy" section or as a model
on our Website and someone offers to send you a gift, please be aware that we
WON'T forward packages or parcels! If  you wish to receive package in the mail,
please get a P. O.  Box or Mail Drop address so people can send you a package
directly in the mails...  Just like money, we DON'T want to get involved with any
gift shipments to people, etc. Anyone sending us "unauthorized" packages will
simply get them refused, returned or sent back. We only forward letters.
So, simply compose your ad and click the "Application Button", fill out the form
and "Snail Mail" form to Webmaster at given P. O. Box Address with payment...
And if you are a new Registrant, deduct the Registration fee from ad total. And
if you're a lady with photos, you only have to pay a FLAT $15.00US rate.  Also,
see "Contact" section, for instructions on how to have letters forwarded to an
advertiser. Questions or problems, contact us thru Webmaster... Thanks