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The "VIP" is a special member who earns their status based on positive reports from
other members of this Website... Therefore, if you meet or date someone thru our site
or any other, simply let us know about the person. And if the experience was a good
one, we will make note of it and consider them for a "VIP". You may also recommend
yourself, a former lover, friend, or relative for VIP. And guys in particular will be given
a special test on personality and character; and if they pass it, we will grant them the
special VIP designation. Making the list could put you in "High Demand"!

This is a serious effort, because as everyone knows, there are lots of phonies, jerks,
assholes, and bitches out there. Right? How do you know who's good or "Sucks"?
Much of it depends on the two personalities involved. However, much of it depends
on the maturity and intelligence of the persons in question as well... One of the best
ways to screen out quality persons is to get feedback or a "peer review" from other
members, plus independent recommendations.

If you think that you're special or know of someone special, you're invited to apply!
Simply Register with this Website, and include a one page or 1 / 2 page letter telling
us why you think that you, your friend, etc. are worthy of consideration. And place
the letter with the Registration Form or Personals Application.

Include clear copy of photo ID for keeping on file as proof of your identity... We also
suggest this for a standard registration as well. This helps to confirm your identity,
and that you are who you claim to be? A secondary proof of identification like auto
registration, a utility bill, etc. to match name on photo ID is also suggested.

We do not ask for "sensitive" information like SSN, credit card data, etc. Plus, you
can join our Website using regular, cash, check or money order. Requesting that
VIP members have photo ID on file we feel is not asking too much... It helps weed
out phonies and frauds. You must also have a legitimate phone number.

There will be two levels to VIP... When a person applies and is accepted, they will
enter a trial period, where other members can give us feedback or evaluations on
VIP candidates. "Did they live up to their claims?", "Were they good person to be
with?", etc. Then, based on these independent reports, we will consider them for
"Full VIP" status. Trial VIPs will have a "T" by their advertisement indicating they
are in the trial period, and subject to evaluation.

EVALUATIONS: We are NOT looking for a novel! So, don't get cute and bore us
with every single, little detail... If you need to "brag" or impress somebody with
how great the sex was, etc., tell your buddies, your girlfriend, the cat, etc. All we
need is a simple "Thumbs Up", "Thumbs Down", etc. with the reason why, etc.
And if we need more details, we will ask you for it!

The VIP can be a model, entertainer, escort, gigolo, masseur, or just an ordinary
person. We don't ask about job, income, education, etc. We feel that the person
will stand or fall on their own merits. There are plenty of beautiful, "successful",
or well-educated people out there who are total "Losers", "Jerks", "Psychos",
etc. Therefore, physical beauty, education, and social status don't mean "shit"
in the big picture! To maintain VIP status, you must continue showing that you
are worthy of it. Those scoring high on our personality test will be placed on a
special VIP listing of higher character.

Thus, if you are looking for special quality friends or yourself have something a
little bit extra besides money, looks, etc. this list could be for you? Especially, if
you're a man, because the average woman is looking for something more than
just sex... So, if you're one of those "Special guys", take our test.

We will also expect a certain level of quality from female VIPs as well. However,
just having extraordinary physical features of talents will also get lady special
consideration as VIP model or entertainer. Scoring high on character test will
earn the special designation just as for the guys.