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Dear Member: 
Everyone who joins can earn money helping spread our message!  Our goal
will be to explore alternative female sexual attraction...  As well as investigate
attitudes about alternative sexuality.  Everyone who becomes a member can
earn money simply sending us members...  Therefore, if you're a woman like
the women appearing on our website; are currently dating such a woman or
married to or knowing such a woman, tell them about our Website. 
And if you know any gents interested in, married to or dating such a woman,
tell them about our Website. We welcome their stories, pictures and insights.
And they could make money sharing their stories and pictures. 
The program is very simple, honest and transparent... We simply give you a
code that you give to others or that they request when they see your photo
or information on our Website.  And for each person who signs up you will
earn a basic $5.00US credit. We simply keep a record of all persons joining
with your code, which gives them $5.00US off of the $15.00US Registration
fee. Thus, they only pay $10.00US to join. However, if they join at maximum
$15.00US fee you'll get $7.50US credit.
This is called "Affiliate Marketing". And Registration makes you an Affiliate!
Therefore, if you sent 10 people and they joined, you would earn $50.00US.
Or if 40 people joined, you would earn $200.00, etc. So, there is really is no
limit as to how much money you can make...  And use of social networking
methods could really boost your earnings!  Especially if you have pictures
or something posted on our Website.
Simply register with our Website as male, female or photographer member.
The fee is $15.00US without a Member Code, or $10.00US with the code of
one of the members, including a model. NOTE: Ladies and couples will be
permitted to join for FREE if we accept and verify some photos of the lady,
however, to get a better offer if we purchase your pictures we suggest you
pay the minimum $10.00US fee. Thus, you will be eligible for getting more
fair rates if we purchase pictures or videos from you.
All ladies may Register for a flat $10.00US with or without code of another
member as a reference... Or for FREE if we verify original pictures of them.
Thus, we are willing to give ladies a break.
IMPORTANT: The $10.00US payments may be made using Cash, Money
Order or Credit Card... However, Personal Checks please pay $15.00US minimum.
All ladies accepted as models automatically become Affiliates! Therefore,
if you send traffic to us or someone visits our Website, sees your photos
and asks for your Member Code, you earn a commission or 50% of what
they pay to Register or join. Thus, if someone Registers at $10.00US rate,
the model gets $5.00; if they Register for $12.00US, model gets $6.00US;
and if somone pays full $15.00US fee, the model or lady posting pictures
earns $7.50US to the model... So, model Affiliates can receive more than
standard $5.00 commission for traffic sent to our Website, in addition to
any earnings or gifts they receive from selling photos, etc. Models work
as independent contractors. Thus, any earnings or gifts received above
basic affiliate earnings will be theirs to keep!
So, we primarily "split" Affiliate earnings and keep a record of how many
persons join with your code, then issue check or an electronic payment.
You can "call it in" or request your payment or payment status any time.
Or we can issue payment upon accumulating a minimum amount...
Simply go to "Registration" section and complete the appropriate form
or application for men, women, model or photographer and "snail mail"
form back to us with your payment... Or if you pay by credit card check
off or mark appropriate space indicating that you paid with credit card.
We must have your signed registration form on file as a concrete proof
that you are who you claim to be, and to help screen minors as well as
let us know where to send your payments, contact you, etc. And you'll
find that this can one of most easy ways to make some money.  
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