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The current economic situation will probably last for a very long time due to corrupt
and incompetent politicians and greedy and incompetent businesspersons... They
don't give a SHIT about you, and until you start questioning their motives as well as
their performance, while you lose your job, earn less money, pay higher taxes, etc.,
it will likely not get any better.

A favorite target of the politicians and religious types has been the sexual or erotic
entertainment business, because most people have been conditioned into fearing
sex, due to generations of religious and political brainwashing. While some of the
same religious leaders and politicians engage in all mannner of sexual perversion
behind the backs of their "sheeplike" followers.

Ever since we first investigated adult as a business or a line of work in the 1990s,
we have surprisingly found that most people involved in the business are about
as normal or ordinary as they come. In fact, a majority don't even seem to smoke
or drink... Plus, a surprising majority are highly intelligent. So, the image of worn
out and discarded sexual degenerates is hardly the standard.

And unlike drugs or prostitution, erotic entertainment has little to NO impact on
the surrounding community... Despite what any politician, religious Whacko or
academic tries to tell you... Plus, erotic entertainment has many social benefits
such as adding a little "spice" to a marriage or to a relationship. Plus, it's a safe
alternative to "unsafe" sexual practices. So, if left alone and properly managed,
which means keeping politicians or religious types OUT of it, it could also help
stimulate and keep money flowing in an economy.

It's cheap, easy, and fun to produce and has been produced since man could
draw lines into dirt or scratch lines into cave walls... And every new media or
method for communication that has been invented, including print, the VCR,
laser discs and the Internet has been strongly driven by porn or erotica.

Most feminist and religious groups have traditionally been strongly opposed
to pornography, due to claims that it's abusive toward women. However, we
have found that most women who choose this as a line of work or business
are actually quite "empowered", because they're usually in control or doing
it by choice. And can actually make more money than if working in retail, an
office or in a fast food business.

When an economy is bad often your options are social welfare or to engage
in something illegal... Or if you have a criminal record the chance for finding
work will also be limited. And the same if you're over the age of "40" or "50".
And don't get us started on large corporations, with lower and lower wages.
In fact, a big reason why so many people are out of work and getting lower
pay is because corporations, instead of increasing profits thru innovation,
will instead "increase" earnings thru mergers, cutting payrolls, or finding a
cheaper source of labor.

So, if you think that some ABC corporation gives a fuck about your resume
and is going call you, forget it! Especially if you're "Over 40"... However, the
modern adult entertainment business does not discriminate based on your
background, age, race, or looks... Plus, many skills obtained in doing other
types of work or business can be readily applied to the adult entertainment
business and vice versa.

There was once a time when a woman had to go into prostitution, stripping,
dancing or into hardcore porn to find work in adult entertainment. Also, she
would have to be young or pretty... However, the Internet has so altered the
equation that almost any woman can set up a business from the safety and
privacy of her home... And we have structured our program so that NO sex
or nudity is required.

In fact, you can also remain totally "anonymous" or not show your face in
any photos or videos posted or marketed on our Website. And you will be
able to safely investigate the business and talk to professionals to help in
determining how far you'd like to go? So, NO "traps" or other Bullshit like
back in the old days... And since porn has become more "mainstream" or
legal, it actually has had some positive social and economic benifits.

However, we must keep politicians and religious people out of it... You've
seen what these people have done for peace and to the world economy?
In most societies that are dominated by religion, the people are very poor.
And while the politician will criminalize a woman for selling pussy or from
doing a lap dance, the politician will legally "whore" themselves out to the
highest bidder. Thus, politics is nothing but another form of prostitution.

The politicians aren't going to do SHIT to improve the current economic
situation, and absolutely have NO clue on how to turn it around, since a
vast majority have never been unemployed or know what it's like having
to pawn off property, cash in aluminum cans, or go to an auto supply to
re-charge an old, fucked up automobile battery.

If you've ever been really poor, then you know what we mean... However,
if you DON'T know what we mean welcome to the new world, because it
will likely not get any better, no matter who is in power. And don't fall for
the current Republican / Democrat Bullshit. The leaders of BOTH parties
are totally bought off, and their masters simply shift the money to whom-
ever happens to be in power. Different side, same coin...

And don't get us started on organized religion, as it has often been used
to sexually exploit people and to "whip" them up to a near pornographic
fanaticism for violence, war, etc. At least porno is honest about what it is,
rather than a ruse to trick people into war, violence, etc. Yet, when used
to give people positive inspiration, or helping the poor and caring for the
elderly, etc. rather than dictate what people choose do in their bedroom
or with their reproductive organs, religion CAN be good!