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P. O. Box 50121;
Dear Member,

Joining Studio H International is EASY! NO Credit Card is required... You can join by cash, check, money order, or credit card. Including Canadian Dollars, British Pound
Sterling, Japanese Yen, and Euro cash currency. Plus, we will PAY YOU for signing
up new members, including models and photographers to our Website!

Simply Register with our Website. We do this to screen out minors and also so we'll
know where to credit your commissions. The cost for a Registration or membership
is only $15.00US. However, if you get a "Member" or "Discount Code", you can join
for only $10.00US. If you do not already know a Member, simply contact a model for
a Discount Code and put code on your Application. You will also gain access to the
model's Gallery as a bonus. Or you can join "Group Gallery" Website for $12.00US.
Or join for $12.00US by joining with cash or US Domestic Postal Money Order... So,
if you do not hear back from a model, or don't know anybody with a Discount Code,
you can still become a member for only $12.00US.

Our Member Websites are private, custom built Websites for persons with pictures
worthy of special attention... They permit the models or the photographer to earn a
few extra Dollars with their pictures. Thus, if you have a sexy girlfriend or wife who
you'd like us to build a Website for, send us some pictures for review and if we like
them, we will build a Website for you!

For each person that you send to Website or who obtains your Discount code from
you and joins, you will receive a commission. The "Group Gallery" Websites feature
more than one model in a particular category. Thus, if you have a few pictures you
can get started with just a few pictures, until you get enough for dedicated Website.
Some people may also not desire a fully dedicated Website.

Simply fill out the appropriate Registration form for men, women, or photographer
and Snail Mail application to us with fee to above P. O. Box address. The $15.00US
fee will secure you a "Member Code" that you can use to earn a commission when
you send someone to join this Website. The same if you pay the $12.00US "Group
Gallery" Rate. Thus, you can secure a Member Code for $12.00 or $15.00US.

The $10.00US "Discount Rate" will give you access to Gallery of a particular Model
or "Group" of models, permit you to advertise, get appointments, etc. However, to
be eligible for commissions you should submit another application with $5.00 fee
and your desired Member Code.

Access information to Websites will be Snail Mailed or E-mailed back to you upon
receipt of your payment. Then, once you're member ( including $10.00 members ),
you can get Gallery Updates, Dating Wishlists, etc.

DON'T FORGET your S . A . S . E . or IRC ( Overseas Applicants ) if Snail Mailing in
your payment so we can return your Access information. If you paid using Credit
Card or by phone, E-mail Webmaster and he will send you access information for
your chosen Model Gallery. We will also send you updates by Snail Mail.

NOTE: We DO NOT sell member information to "mailing lists", etc. That's nothing
but "Old School" marketing B.S. from the 1950s and 1970s. So, don't worry! We
don't like "Junk Mail" or Internet "Spam Mail" either... When you get information
from us, it will be exclusive. So, notify us of any junk from our affliates.

We appreciate your support... Again, we are not a very big company with a huge
budget for models, etc. This is a model and member supported effort. Therefore,
if you feel that you are a lady worthy of our attention or if you have a lady friend,
girlfriend, etc. who might be of interest, or if you are a photographer with special
pictures worthy of special attention, contact us! We welcome your suggestions
and ideas as well as real life stories, information, and tips. Thanks
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