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Studio H International "Telepayment" will permit you to pay for your membership by
use of your telephone! Therefore, if you are short on cash, have no credit cards, or
have no desire to put any charges on your credit card, etc., simply click the link and
follow the instructions for a ONE TIME charge on your telephone bill. NO additional
or "per minute" charges will appear.

Next complete and mail in your Registration form to become registered and eligible
for earning commissions for each new person who you also send and signs up for
our Website... Thus, for the cost of toll or short long distance call, you can become
a member and MAKE IT BACK many times by referring others to join.

So, simply click the link below and follow the instructions. Or return to Registration
section to pay by cash, check, money order or credit card. Thanks
Telepayments coming soon. Please use Snail Mail or Credit card option...