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This is an "alternative woman" project, which means a woman with a
natural talent, feature or ability that sets her apart from other women.
If this perhaps describes you or a lady who you know, please apply.
We will examine your pictures or videos to help determine if we can
certify you in one or more alternative categories.

The goal is to document the many alternative female categories that
exist to help show women that they're not alone and that there exists
a strong attraction for many female body types not considered to be
attractive by the mainstream world. So, don't be afraid to submit any
pictures of yourself or a lady who you know for review.

This is NOT a "Beauty Contest". Therefore, you will be encouraged
to submit your pictures or videos "warts and all", because we know
the many alternative categories that exist, including what is legal as
well as safe and moral. Thus, we WON'T make fun of any woman's
body or encourage anything outside of her comfort zone. You pose
according to your personality, comfort or experience.

Nudity is NOT required and you can remain anonymous or disguise
your appearance or that of a friend, etc. Plus, we offer valuable tips
on "Identity Protection". So, almost any woman can participate from
professionals to members of churches to the celebrity, just as long
as you are age 21 or older... And we have seen women in their 80s
and 90s posing for erotic pictures in Latin America and Asia.

Women with physical handicaps or deformities will not be accepted,
because we do not feel that sexualizing disabled persons is healthy.
So, if somebody had a shriveled up or deformed limb, was morbidly
obese, a "dwarf", etc., we'll probably reject the photos, even though
there exists an alternative "niche" for such material. It's simply not in
the spirit of this effort. Plus, there are plenty of sickos that get off on
seeing women in vulnerable situations.

Having strange genitals, strange breasts, a funny looking toe or hair
growing in a strange place, etc., or something mainly "cosmetic" or
easily controlled or hidden would be more acceptable or within the
spirit of alternative beauty and sexuality. So, if you have got a really
unique, unusual or sexy feature you could capitalize on it, because
unlike mainstream modeling you DON'T have to be a pretty, young
or perfect woman to be an alternative female star.

Perhaps you've got huge Floppy tits, have a butt like Nikki Minaj or
can "Twerk" your butt like Amber Rose, have a clitoris like a small
penis, etc. ( see "Listing" ), we'll take a look at it to determine how
much potential it has. Then, we'll assist with the publicizing of your
pictures, videos or consider purchasing your material...

We understand this genre or class of women... So, if we "certify"
you based on your talents or features, you will gain the credibility
that will help you profit or capitalize on your feature, rather than a
random Idiot or imposter from the Internet. Or some surgeon or
other specialist profiting from "body shaming" you into paying to
conform to some artificial standard.

And if you have done ANY type of erotic acting or modeling, like
for a Website like ATK or perhaps modeled for adult magazines,
movies, videos, or for your boyfriend, husband, etc., let us know.
Even if it was 50 years ago!!! Plus, we welcome any old pictures,
film or videos from collections taken privately, in clubs, overseas
during travels, etc. So, take a look at our "Listing" above.

You can very inexpensively produce something that can have you picking up extra cash. And it's alot easier to produce good quality
pictures and video than in the past, when you had to purchase or
use expensive camera equipment or send your private photos or
motion picture film to an "underground" developer. Now, you can
take "selfies" and produce high quality digital pictures from home.
And we've seen some great stuff shot in apartments, out of cars,
vans, in hotel rooms, etc.

Some women pose just for "kicks" or because it's a real turn on for
them or their boyfriend or husband to show them off for other guys.
So, earning money and gifts is just one option. Kim Kardashian got
famous doing a sex video, because she is a White girl with a really
great ass. However, you don't have to be pretty to be an alternative
female model or star.

We'll review your material and offer suggestions or help on how to improve it, including help with advertising underground through our
network free of censorship. And nobody cares if you're married or
single, lesbian or straight, in college, on parole, professional, blue
collar, etc. Plus, you can control, who sees your pictures or vidoes,
since you work partly "off the grid" or underground.

This is for ladies who don't conform or who want to break the rules.
And we've had everything from the professional "Wall Street" type
women, to Church Going Christian housewives send photos to us!
And many women who once considered themselves as being too
"ugly", etc. have been surprised at how much attention that they've
received. And we know of one really shy, attractive young woman,
with extreme body hair growths who became an underground star
and never dreamed that she would be posing in erotic videos. So,
don't be afraid to show it, no matter how "strange" or unusual.

However, we have NO interest in physical handicaps, disabilities or
anything that effects quality of one's life, such as the extreme case
of obesity, deformed limbs, or disfiguration. Or any activity that will
cause pain, suffering or drawing blood, such as "torture". However,
any sexual "abnormality" such as unusual genitals or strange erotic
abilities such as fisting, etc., is O.K.

Erotic modeling is some of the most easy work in the World! You
simply get in front of a camera!!! However, the more Fun you can
have doing it, the more money or people you will attract... Thus, if
you are able to have fun turning people on with your pictures, you
will get much better results. And it will show in your pictures... So,
relax and try to find a photographer you're comfortable with, like a

boyfriend, girlfriend, or husband... Or you can "sext" do a "Selfie"
series of photos using your cell phone in front of a mirror.

WANTED: Experienced models... If you have done ANY types of
modeling for a Website, for your boyfriend, a husband, girlfriends
or magazines please contact us! Even if it was 50 years ago. We
don't care how long ago or if you only did it one time, etc. And we
would especially like to speak to models who have posed for the
Amkingdom or "ATK" Website.

NOTICE: We're looking for female photographers! If you can take
good quality indoor pictures, please contact us... Most women are
more comfortable posing for a woman. Therefore, if you can be a
local photographer for women in your area interested in posing for
our Website, you can pick up extra money. Your subjects can also
be your Friends, girlfriends, or relatives as long as they're over the
age of 20 and older.

We are dedicated to alternative female beauty and sexuality and
making women feel better about themselves despite being older,
a few pounds overweight, having excess body hair, etc. Pictures
will be one way to document and illustrate that you're NOT alone,
and that many women have already learned to "cope". And you'll

be able to get a more sensible and honest perspective here. Note: no space for the text!
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