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Pornography and Morality
One of the biggest con games perpetrated on humanity is that anything sexual
is somehow "dirty" and immoral. Including masturbation and pornography. Or
any activity that stimuates the sexual organs or desires... While murder, killing,
or violence in the name of RELIGION or God is somehow "O.K."!

We have nothing against an organized religion if it gives someone peace or a
sense of direction and strength. However, when it comes to our personal sex
lives, there should be limits placed on religious intrusion... We no longer live
in the 7th Century! Therefore, those of us living in the 21st y Century should
be permitted to govern ourselves accordingly.

Most rules that govern sex are 'made up' B.S. anyway, and are based more on
POWER and CONTROL than on morality!!! And until you grow up and figure it
out, the powers will continue to control YOUR sex lives, while they themselves
are free to enjoy any manner of sexual fantasy and perversion.

And if you don't believe us, just look at all of the sexual scandals that involve
religious authorities, institutions, and conservative politicians... Again, now is
the time for you to GROW UP!

However, if you choose to be led around like a 5 year old and told what to do
with your Pee Pee or Vagina, we say more power to you! Just leave the rest
of us Adults alone...

Both politcians and religious leaders know that once they can get control of
your sexuality, they can control almost ANYTHING! And sex is indeed one of
the most powerful forces in the universe.

Most people feel ashamed and guilty about their sexuality, and guilt is cleverly
used as leverage to CONTROL the weaker masses... Much like fear is used by
many religions as leverage to keep you in line! So, if you are guilty and are not
very well developed you'll be more easy to control! And, by "demonizing" sex,
they clevery "divert" your sexual energies.

What the Fuck is so "immoral" about getting 'horny', masturbating or looking
at a dirty magazine or a Website? Or "lusting" after the opposite sex? If God
didn't want you to have those urges, God wouldn't have given those urges to
you! And if getting horny is "immoral", then so is getting hungry? However,
it's a bit more difficult to make someone feel guilty about getting hungry! Yet,
if you stuff your face to fatness couldn't you say this is also "immoral"?

Again, it's all "made up" Bullshit to CONTROL your Ass... And ironically porn
is like a proverbial "Canary in a Coal Mine"! Once they take away the right to
purchase or view pornography in the privacy of your home they'll take away
your freedom to read ANY book, view any video, view any Website, worship
any religion, wear any clothing, marry anybody, etc. And they will always do
it in the name of God or "morality", when it's all about CONTROL!!!

So, even if you disagree with pornography, DON'T like it, don't agree with it,
etc., it is a gauge and indicator of both freedom and prosperity in a society...
And most societies that ban pornography are poor, not because they don't
allow pornography, but because the same mentality or restrictions that will
restrict that "Freedom of Choice" will also restrict other social or economic

Of course, with that freedom comes a certain amount of "Responsibility"...
So, we're NOT saying there should be a porn shop on every other corner
of Riyadh, Beijing, or Islamabad. Don't be stupid... However, the adults of
any society should have the freedom to make their own choices? Rather
than having it "Dictated" to them by a politician or religious offical. And if
you are so "childlike" that you need someone else dictating your sex life,
please ask yourself why? Then ask, what makes some politician or some
religious leader so special that he must have this power over you? Then,
ask "What about their sex lives"? Put a spotlight on them as well.

The worst thing that you can do is repress normal, healthy sexual urges,
or to force pornography "underground" or take it away completely, as in
Latin America, the Middle East, and most of Asia...

Pornography is actually a SAFE alternative to "unsafe" sexual practices:
Like sleeping around, going to prostitutes, etc., because no matter what
some "Kook" or "Whacko" politician or religious leader tells you, porn is
the "ultimate" form of "SAFE SEX"! And when men are able to creatively
dissipate their sexual energy, they're less prone to committing violence,
rape or getting women pregnant. And most countries permitting porn of
some type, are more socially and economically progressive!

When you limit or restrict a man's sexual outlets, he naturally becomes a
more restless and violent indivdual... You want a good "Suicide Bomber",
just take away ALL of a young man's sexaul outlets, -- including the B.J.,
and yes, he'll have no problem driving a Chevrolet or Toyota packed full
of explosives or an airplane into your town! Think about this: "Men who
get Blowjobs, don't blow themselves up!!!"

Again, most societies that permit some consumption of pornography are
less violent, more prosperous, and progressive or moving ahead... While
those that prohibit pornography are more overpopulated, regressive, or
poor. And you might say, well China prohibits pornography, and China's
very wealthy! However, China is NOT a "Free" society. And prior to 1997,
Hong Kong China had an absolutely thriving pornographic industry that
pretty much went away once the Communists took over.

If you want to have your Internet restricted like the average Chinese or to
have women covered up as in the Middle East you'll get your wish if you
DON'T "wake up" and stop the political or religious types from dictating
what you can or cannot do; can or cannot look at, etc.? And they always
use a "Boogie Man" like the Arabs, the Jews, sex, pornography, or some
other device to herd your "Sheeple" Asses into line... The more ignorant
and unenlightened that you are the better!

So, if you get the message, we hope that you will support our Website...
One of our goals will be to eleminate ignorance when it comes to adults
being able to enjoy erotic materials; discuss which pornography is Bad
and which pornography is good; how adults can prosper economically
and legally at what amounts to nothing more than "fantasy"... And how
the porn business is no worse than politics, the media or most religious
institutions! Note: no space for the text!