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One of our goals will be to inform and sexually empower women like those appearing
on our Website... Therefore, if you are a woman like some of the ladies that appear on
our Website; are currently dating, married to or knowing such a woman we will offer
advise and support. And we want to hear your real life stories or feelings about being
an alternative woman, because your information could help other women.

So, if you've got issues about age, weight, or some cosmetic issue that you think is
sexually strange or unappealing you'll be able to get a more objective opinion here,
rather than being told how "ugly" or "gross" it is, etc. As long as it is NOT a serious
birth defect such as a physical handicap or a deformity that physically and socially
impacts on the quality of your life.

Therefore, having "strange" looking nipples, breasts, or genitals would not qualify
as a serious physical or social defect; the same with a "crooked" looking toe, or if
a lady had big feet, stretch marks, a flat chest, etc. Therefore, anything that might
make a woman feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Plus, we will offer advice and
opinions on "ethnic" beauty, because far too many ethnic women hate their looks
or don't feel pretty for not conforming to some mainstream standard.

We will also discuss sexual issues and deal with questions that might make some
women too uncomfortable or embarrassed to ask a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or their
husband. And we'll discuss it in a manner that you will find at few other Websites.
So, none of the beard-scratching, leg-crossing, politically correct Bullshit you will
get from mainstream sources...

If you want to be lied to or allowed to feel like ALL men are the "enemy" or hating
your body, then keep listening to that mainstream Bullshit on radio, television, or
in magazines, books, and other Websites... However, after dealing with us, you'll
hopefully become more enlightened than many women who will sit around with
cobwebs growing between their legs, clucking about how lousy all men are, etc.
Trust us, it's not too great for most men of any quality, either.

One reason why many women "blow it" is that they're allowed to feel that they're
alright, and that it's all those nasty old men that are the reason why they're lonely
or unable to find boyfriends, etc. So, even when such women find someone who
is of decent quality they will dump so much baggage, that even the most decent
person can become a "jerk" after some point.

The Studio H woman will be better able to look at herself, instead of blaming the
opposite sex for all of her problems... You can be the most beautiful, intelligent,
rich, and powerful woman in the world... However, if you're sexually hostile and
sexually boring, then nobody is going to want you. And don't fool yourself into
thinking you are "Happy"? You've simply resigned yourself or "given up".

Hollywood and New York City are full of very lonely and bitter women who are
beautiful, rich, intelligent, or successful. While some woman who is perhaps a
bit older, fatter, less attractive, poor, etc., has kids, is sexually satisfied, or has
a boyfriend or husband who is happy or loves her. So, it really doesn't matter
to any man of substance, how young or "pretty" you are!

The most infamous "ugly girl" on the planet is perhaps Camilla Parker Bowles,
the wife of Prince Charles... We wouldn't even do her! And we're a pretty open
crew, so far as physical appearance, etc. However, Miss Camilla could teach a
much younger and prettier woman a thing or two about attracting a man. And
we will discuss it with our female members.

If you're one of those sexy women who is perhaps not exactly young or model
perfect, or belonging to the alternative female category and able to attract men,
please join our Website and tell us your story... Plus, we also seek women who
perhaps were born with all of the right attributes, but still have some problems
with attacting or holding onto men? Perhaps we can solve your problem.

We especially welcome highly intelligent women such as the professional or
the "Geek Girl" type... Power or intelligence are only a "put-off" to guys less
intelligent than average. Still, if you're overbearing or kind of "out to lunch"
or a "spaced-out" kind of intelligent, then don't be surprised if a guys don't
much care for you. We can discuss it, debate it with you, etc.

Most women are put off by sexually graphic images or discussions, however
you must be more open to understanding this stuff, because this is a part of
the man's world that if you choose to avoid it, you are going to eventually be
a bore to even the most understanding or loving man... However, from what
we've seen in Cosmo and some of the so-called women's magazines ladies
can get pretty "nasty" too? So, if you're a "prude", get over it.

You must be willing to be more sexually adventurous than the average lady.
Plus, you need to seek out and communicate with persons who understand
as well as have an attraction for the woman outside of the mainstream. And
many women are just poorly informed as to what is really "SEXY" or turns a
man on, etc. So, if you think that ALL men are turned off by women who are
older, have wrinkles, chest hair, butt hair, etc., you're fooling yourself... And
if this were true, the human race would have flamed out centuries ago.

One reason why women from so-called "3rd world" countries are so sexy, is
because they are more comfortable in their sexuality... And very few women
living in 3rd world countries have the age and body image issues of women
living in the United States and other Westernized nations. And if they do, it's
only because of Westernized influences or values.

However, in American communities such as Latino, Black, and Asian-Indian
American, the women have a far more positive view of body image and their
sexuality than in the Caucasian community. So, it's not uncommon to see a
girl or woman with a few extra pounds, hairy armpits, hairy legs, etc. And in
the Chinese-American community, you'll also find many women who don't
shave their armpits.

So, you'll be more free or able to discuss these issues with us, because we
are underground and will not be afraid to "go there"! However, we won't be
disrespectful or hurtful in giving out any advice, since we're not a bunch of
catty females, catty men or jerks. So, if you seek encouragement or positive
reinforcement, instead of some Bullshit to con you into purchasing a body
wax or some other "treatments", become a member and talk to us.