P. O. Box 50121; Long Beach, CA 90815-6121 U.S.A.
We currently are seeking female applicants, ages 20 to 60+ wanting to explore
Erotic Modeling... Whether you decide to do it for MONEY or Fun, we will try to
answer your questions, set up interviews, appointments, etc.  Usually when a
lady decides to try this line of work, she will answer an ad in a newspaper for
"Models", etc., hoping the advertiser is legitimate. Then, she will risk going to
some "sleazebag" or individual who may disrespect her for being "Too Fat,"
"Not pretty enough", etc. However, when you Register with our Website, you
will get much better respect and less risk than the typical audition...
This is some of the most easy 'work' in the world, because you just show up
and follow the directions of your photographer and collect a pay check.  And
very few "legal" jobs will offer you the same pay for 1 or 2 Hours of work! So,
if you become popular and develop a good working relationship with us and
the photographers, you can be picking up easy money...  Plus, the work can
be interesting and somewhat Fun.
Most Los Angeles studios only want "Young and Pretty". However, at Studio
H International our auditions process is truely "open" without any particular
"requirements", other than being "100% Natural"! So,"Come as you are" and
don't worry about waxing, shaving your legs, or worry about the scar, or that
wrinkle, tatoo, etc.  We are a "Sexual Reality" Website and embrace diversity,
rather than run away from it!  And do we welcome "Beauty"? Of course!!! It's
just NOT a requirement at Studio H International... So, if you're beautiful you
are still welcomed. Especially if you're "Unique" or "Exotic".
If you live outside of Los Angeles or outside of the U.S.A., you can either sell
us your pictures taken by boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or photographer in
your local area, depending on quality and content. Plus, we are developing a
program where you can post pictures on our Website and collect a payment
from each "subscription" to your area... It's similar to a "MySpace" for adults.
However, you can make real money with this page! So, Register with us and
we will tell you about this program. See "Websites", below.
The work is perfectly "legal" as long as you're over the age of Eighteen ( 18 ).
However, we prefer at least age twenty ( 20 ). You should also have proof of
legal age, such as a passport, driver's license, work I.D., etc. with a photo on
it, to which you usually make two photocopies and mail to us or bring to the
photo shoot. This is traditional, and helps protect us and photographers.
We will also represent you in Los Angeles in case you come to L.A. to seek
work or visit the U.S.A.?  Thus, we can serve as your local agent or contact
here, circulating your pictures, forwarding your messages, etc.? Otherwise,
you're pretty much alone if you come out here. So, please Register!
This is NOT a "Beauty Contest", meaning that we will consider ALL shapes,
sizes, and "looks" of woman, with the exception of  disfigured or physically
handicapped. However, we will consider almost any female Sexual Oddities
that don't drastically impact on the quality of ones life? Just describe it, and
we will give you an opinion... And if you ARE a "Beauty", you are welcomed
just the same, so long as you are a "Natural Beauty"!!!  Meaning NO implant
or Breast augmentation surgery, collagin lips, etc.       
MESSAGE SERVICE: We will relay or "Forward" messages or mail to your
Home, or "Mail Drop" Address... Therefore, if we publish pictures or model
information or run a Website for you, you'll be able to receive "Fan Mail" or
letters from persons interested in you. However, if you wish to receive any
money in the mail or "Direct Contact" with the public, for a small fee, we'll
publish a direct cell phone, voice mail, or P. O. Box number for you...  
"FLIRTING" : Flirting is the process of erotic entertaining or socializing on
the Internet. And the more talented or skilled that a woman is at doing this,
the more money she can make, or the more people that she will meet. And
some ladies will be more skilled at it than others,  therefore the amount of 
money earned will vary from woman to woman. However, having just one
unique, exotic, "strange" or "unusual" feature could be all that is required 
to make a difference? And we will do our best to assist each lady member
to improve or boost her responses.  
SOCIALIZING: Although Studio H International is structured so that ladies
can legally earn extra money over the Internet, female members also have
the option of socializing through our Website. Therefore, if you would like
to post some pictures for potential dates or have us "point" traffic for you
to another social or dating Website, we will do this for you.  Plus, you'll be
be able to earn money from any traffic sent here! 
PHOTOGRAPHER:  Appointments with our photographer in Hollywood
are for Registered female members only...  Simply complete Application
for Models ( below ) and  submit   with fully clothed sample pictures in a
Dress, Lingerie or a Bikini with two different types of identification such
as a Driver's license, State I.D., Student  I.D., a Passport, etc. as proof of
identity and legal age. 2nd I.D. can be Social Security Card, Green Card,
etc. When you show up to shoot, you will take photocopies for giving to
the photographer... So, complete the Application and once we get it, we
will put you in contact with the photographer to set up an appointment.
WEBSITES: Having your own Website on the Internet is a first step to
economic independence... We will build a Website FREE for you if we
really like your pictures or consider you special enough to showcase
on our Website. The Website offer is currently by invitation only!  You
will be given your own unique Website and Web address that can be
promoted on the Internet.  And for every person joining your Website
with a unique number that we assign to you, you earn a commission
or payment...  And when you accumulate a certain amount of credits,
a check or electronic money transfer will be initiated.  Plus, there will
be other ways to earn money with your Website. So, talk to us...
NOTICE! : If currently advertising with another Website like the "Adult Friendfinder",
"MySpace", "YouTube", etc., talk to us! We especially welcome any current,former
adult actresses, models, dancers, and entertainers. Post some pictures or credits on
our Website. We will relay or forward letters or "Fan Mail" to you, permit selling of
personal items ( undergarments, etc. ), advertising for work;  set appointments with 
producers and photographers in L.A. interested in you, etc. "Ethnic" ladies of Asian
PacificRim, Indian, Latin American, Mexican or European heritage are Wanted! 
MEMBER CODE NAME: Create a Member Code name by going to the
"Register" section of Website and under "Women" going to the form
and following those instructions... Or just use a combination of 2 to 5
letters and 2 to 5 numbers.  Examples: LVN309, LA90210, KDAK7501,
etc. This code will be used to issue both credits and payments.  Also
called the "Discount Code" or the "Model Code".
MODEL AFFILIATES: All girls accepted automatically become Model
Affiliates, eligible for earning referral commissions. See "Affiliates"...
ATTITUDE: The ideal model is an exhibitionist or enjoys showing off
her body...  However, some of the hottest models we have ever seen
have been normally SHY or normally "straight" women who NEVER 
would have thought that they'd remove their clothes or have sex for
a camera. However, with our program, nudity or sex is NOT required.
Plus, we will explain how to disguise or protect your identity, so that
even the "A-list" celebrity or the housewife could participate without
being detected.  However, the more healthy your sexual attitude the
greater your success in this line of work.
YOUR EXPERIENCE?: NO experience required for this type of work! 
And very few legal part-time jobs pay as well for as little experience.
Therefore, ordinary housewives, students, professionals and "blue-
collar" workers can do this. Still, if you've posed for other Websites,
a boyfriend, etc. or done any type of adult entertainment work, your
experience could prove to be valuable here. So, we welcome former
models, dancers, and actresses of ALL ages, races, sizes & "looks".
So, Register today from the U.S.A. or from any country. 
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