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P. O. Box 50121;
Dear Female Member,
Studio H International is about alternative female beauty and sexuality.
Therefore, if you have issues about age, weight, or any other cosmetic
issue that you feel impacts on the quality of your sexual attraction; Or
if you seek a place where you can freely discuss alternative sexuality,
dating, etc., you'll be able to do it here.  However, if you are a lady like
any lady appearing on this Website you could also be making MONEY
posting pictures, information, etc. on our Website!
Thus, if you have pictures or stories to share not only could it help or 
inspire other women having similar issues or experiences, it possibly
could earn you easy money, since ladies like those appearing on our
Website are still somewhat rare!  And ladies who are "rebels" or take
pride in NOT shaving, being a "BBW", etc., are especially welcomed!
So, if you like to "shake things up", please join us.   
We will explain how to legally use the Internet to post legitimate ads,
pictures, and information that can bring you money as well as gifts...
And part of this process is to establish some "legitimacy", because
there are so many phonies on the Internet. And most people would
rather deal somebody who is legitimate.
We welcome housewives, single women, students, professional, as
well as blue-collar ladies understanding our philosophy. As well as
current and former entertainers, actresses, models, or dancers who
fit into our philosophy. Thus, if you're a woman "Over 40", a "BBW",
an unusually hirsute or "Hairy" dancer, actress or model; unusually
Busty ( NO Silicone ), etc., simply Register or apply to our Website...
Then, if accepted, you could be pulling in extra Bucks. 
You simply send people to our Website... Then, when they Register
with a "Member code" that we'll give you, you'll earn a commission.
Then, you'll be able to legally communicate, trade pictures, receive
gifts, etc., over the Internet... And our Registration helps to protect
you as well as other members. 
All ladies only pay a Flat $10.00US to Register. And this will include
FREE advertising, plus a "Member Code"  Registration...  However,
you'll be able to waive the Registration fee as well as the $15.00US
Model Application fee if we elect to post some of your pictures on 
Website... Thus, if you have quality sexy pictures we can "waiver" 
both Registration and Model Application fees... Just mail us some
sample pictures along with the Registration form as well as Model
Application ( see below ) and if we like the pictures and are able to
authenticate them we will automatically file your Model Application and Register you for Free.
If you have NO pictures, but would like to explore alternative beauty,
sex and dating with us, again Register. We are also here for women
to share stories and get information, advice and opinions on this as
well as other issues... Thus, modeling is only an OPTION! This is an
information and advice Website as well... So, please join us and tell
any female relatives, friends, couples, etc., who may be interested...
And start asking us questions, getting advice and opinions on sex,
dating, men, weight, sexual attraction, making money, etc.  
FACT: If you're a woman fitting into one or more "Alternative" female categories
on our Website you could be making good money since such women are so rare
compared to most women! So, if you're kind of "different" DON'T be shy or afraid
to tell us about it... Including any female friends, relatives, etc.
FACT: A typical female ad on Craigslist or a similar public advertising posting
Website can bring you HUNDREDS of reponses! However, most women simply
become too overwhelmed to process those responses with no efficient way to
screen them... We will show you how to process your responses in a way that
could bring you extra cash... Plus, most men who have been disappointed by
reponding to such ads will be looking for trustworthy female advertisers.  
MEMBERS: Besides the opportunity to make some extra cash as a member of
this Website, you'll be more free to experiment, explore and ask questions as
a female member... And as a result, you'll learn to become more relaxed and
better informed than the average woman who often sees men or their bodies
as the "enemy"... Plus, many women often have an "over-romanticized" view
of sexuality. Therefore, it can be to some women's advantage to explore how
to be just a little bit nasty or "dirty" to attract or hold another person's interest.
Plus, many women are fairly ignorant of many things that can "turn men on".
However, you'll be able to explore and debate it with us... As well as discuss 
issues such as Older women dating younger men, etc.
                                                                                               Below: Copy, Paste, Print
NAME: _____________________________________ D.O.B. : _________
                                                                                                  D.O.B. = "Date of Birth" 
ADDRESS:  ____________________________________________
COUNTRY:  _____________________________
Why are you applying?  ____ Member;   ____ "Affiliate" ;   ____ Model 
NOTE : Try to include some "Name Verification" such as an Return Address label, 
Personal Check, or copy of I.D. as verification...    
This form will permit you to legally make contact and communicate with others
on the Internet... It will make you a Member of our Website thus making it more
SAFE to communicate with others, because every other member is required
to file a Registration form as well... Also, it will make you an "Affiliate" earning
you $5.00 - $6.00 for each person who you send and who also joins with your
"Member Code" that you will create, below... All women accepted as models
or to post pictures, automatically become Affiliates!!!
Again, you simply give people your "Member Code" ( below ) who makes any
contact with you on Craigslist or on any advertising or other Website once you
receive their message; and simply direct them to our Website to Register with
your Member Code. That's all... And for each Registration Application that we
receive with your code as the reference, you will earn the $5.00US - $6.00US
credit. Plus, you get the credit for anyone else you can send to our Website...
This includes girlfriends interested in making money.
This process will permit you to more "orderly" screen those persons making
contact with you, because you'll be able to direct them here for Registration.
Thus, if you get HUNDREDS of reponses you can direct them here. And this
will give them a chance to prove that they ARE who they claim to be and are
also of legal age. Plus, we will forward any letter or pictures for examination
by you. Plus, you'll earn a commission for each person who Registers. And
they too will also earn money if they Register or send others. So, everybody
can profit or benefits if they play by the rules. And it makes the Internet more
safe for everybody. NOTICE: Never recruit or send any person below age of
eighteen ( 18 ) years of age!
By completing and signing this application or any appplication on a Website
of ours you hereby confirm that you're a legal age ADULT over the age of 18
with the understanding that it is against the law to misrepresent yourself on a
form. Therefore, you'll release as harmless STUDIO H INTERNATIONAL, its
owners(s), associates, affiliates, or related businesses from your commiting
any acts of false representation. Therefore, STUDIO H INTERNATIONAL or
its owners(s), associates, affiliates or any related businesses won't be held
responsible or liable for any false representations or violations by you of the
law...  Further, STUDIO H INTERNATIONAL will not be held responsible for your conduct with the public and to the best of its ability has advised you on
maintaining best and highest ethical standard when dealing with the public.
The completion of this application, performance of any "work" or submitting
of any material for purchase won't constitute being an "employee" of Studio
H International, its owner(s) or associates, affiliates, or related businesses.
STUDIO H INTERNATIONAL will also reserve the right to reject any work or
applicant whom it deems as "unfit" or below its standards. STUDIO H shall
also reserve the right to pay whatever it feels is a fair compensation for any
completed work or material submitted. Further you declare that you're NOT
a law enforcement official or government employee registering for purpose
of entrapment or investigation... You will not be offended by any comments,
information, images or suggestion made by Website or in advertisements
to convey any messages or to improve anyone's appearance, etc.
MEMBER CODE: Please make up Member Code Name! We will use this to code
any advertising, plus use it as a Reference for paying out your commissions for
sending any new male members or for sending us new models, etc.  Try using
combination of 2 to 5 letters, and 2 to 5 numbers. Examples:  LVN209, LA90210,
PL90509, etc. ________________   
REFERENCE? : If referred to us by another Member, please give their Member
Code, so that we may issue them their $5.00 Credit _______________________
Outside of United States and Canada ask us about rates. 
FEE WAIVER?: Again, if you have photosand you give us permission to publish
and distribute some of your pictures we can "waive" the $10.00 Registration fee
and $15.00 Model Application fee ( below )... All members get FREE advertising
in personals or any other section of Websitewhere ads are CODED. Any "Direct
Response" ads where you give a direct telephone number or address, you may
credit or deduct the $10.00US fee from ad total. So, if you've got photos, simply
complete this Registration along with the Model Application form ( below ), put
your newly generated "Member Code" on the Model Application.  
Signature _____________________________________ Date: _________
Amount Enclosed: $ ______________ If you live outside of the U.S.A. please
contact us for proper fees...
Write "Registration" on your Check or Money Order...  
Send Cash, Check, or Money Order payable to: "Studio H International". Snail
Mail it to above P. O. Box before or on the 15th or 28th of the Month. To use a
Credit Card ___, see "Paymnets" link, below.  Thanks 
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