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If you're a woman like the women appearing on our Website: Hairy, Older, Plus Size,
Floppy Breasted, "Geeky", etc., and feel you have a problem dating because you're
different or perhaps not fitting the common standard for what is considered to be a
"Beautiful" or "Sexy" woman, please join us and talk to us...

One of our goals will be to sexually empower many women who normally would not
consider themselves to be very attractive to potential mates, while at the same time
communicating with those women who have actually had success, including ladies
currently married or in relationships with people who understand them. 

Thus, if you're PROUD of your "Big Fat Ass" or "Not Shaving" or perhaps being an
"Older Woman", etc., we would like to hear the story, because it could help another
member... And many women or girls are unaware of just how much "sexual power"
that they do possess, despite not being beautiful, young, or "perfect"!  And despite
many generations of social and media conditioning, as well as other women as well
as men who feel "threatened" by such women... And a multi-BILLION Dollar fashion,
entertainment and cosmetics industry that treats alternative girls like "outcasts".
So, if you're one of those ladies appearing on our Website, know of such a woman,
or otherwise understand our philosophy you are invited to join our Website, ask us
questions, get our opinions, and advertise with us. And you could also earn money
sending or attracting other people to join our Website.  

In a traditional dating environment the alternative woman may feel embarrassed to
place an advertisement, because she may feel that nobody will want to date a lady
who is "Hairy", "Flat Chested", "Old", etc. And many women pretty much "give up"
on dating because they know that they cannot compete advertising in a traditional
dating environment. However, with our Website we understand and will try to help
you to get more relaxed and be more effective in the dating environment.

Again, we are NOT an "Ugly Girl" Website! And we are NOT encouraging women to
be "Slobs", etc. However, many of the things that girls have been conditioned into
thinking are "ugly" or unappealing are the very things that some people find to be
sexy!  And it's just a matter of taking stock of what nature's given you and learning
how to sexually leverage it or what we call "Sexual Judo". Then, to appeal to those
persons attracted to you, rather than some "jerk" with unrealistic expectations. 

Thus, if you are a bit on "Hairy" side, a "Plus Size" girl, "Older", etc., or have really
"Big Feet", etc., you simply learn to realize that sexual potential, then learn how to
manage it to best advantage, because sexual attraction is incredibly complex and
beyond the narrow scope presented by the mainstream world.

Therefore, our dating approach is the only "Honest" approach out there, because
we actually encourage women to be honest about their appearance!  So, if you've
got that "Fat Ass", wear "Glasses", have "Zits", etc. tell us about it...  Even put it in
your advertisement? We realize that this is counter intuitive, because you'd like to
be as attractive as possible in an advertisement. However, you might be surprised
at the responses you might get from just being honest?  With the rest depending
on personality or how much you have in common with the other person.
Thus, we will evaluate photos, help you write advertisements, etc. Plus, discuss
some "dirty little secrets" that most women are afraid to deal with? One secret to
being more sexy is learning how to be a little "Dirty".  However, most women are
afraid to do this because it is "unladylike", "nasty", "disgusting", etc.  However,
any sexually successful woman or relationship is just a little "Nasty" or "Dirty".  
So, even if you're already in a relationship we'll discuss bringing out the "Freak"
or sexually "wilder" side in you...  
Most people attracted to Studio H International tend to be slightly above average
in intelligence, because for one thing, you must be able READ to get through our
Website!  Plus, you must possess a certain level of intelligence or sophistication
to "get" our philisophy. So, if you're one of those smart, professional or "Geeky"
types of girls, you'll be in a place where intelligence is actually appreciated. And
although this is kind of a porno or a "Boy" environment, it is actually for the girls!
Plus, every male member will be encouraged to be as repectable and "generous"
as possible to our female members. 

We also encourage "experimentation" such as dating a younger man, interracial
dating, dating someone of a slightly different economic class, etc., because one
secret to finding someone is to perhaps explore and expand beyond one's own
boundaries. Plus, many women "Over 30", "Over 40", etc., are now dating much
younger men, with attitudes about dating persons of other races also changing.
Therefore, we will advise and offer opinions on how to try something "Different"
with your dating experience.  

We also offer a "Fantasy" Dating option for ladies seeking to explore something
that they have always fastasized about? Perhaps you'd like to see what it's like
to date a Transexual, a "Black man", another girl, a Millionaire, etc., well you will
be able to run a Fantasy ad as well to see how many responses that you'll get?
Plus, we offer a "Wishlist" option for letting others know what kinds of special 
gifts you'd like in exchange for sexy pictures, E-mail, etc. The Wishlist typically
will thus, be open to ladies posting pictures on our Website.

Another secret to being more sexually attractive is being more sexually aware.
However, many women are simply clueless lacking much "self-awareness" or
sexual awareness. Thus, if you're a sexually hostile or sexually boring woman
who doesn't like men, doesn't like sex, etc. don't be surprised at your inability
to attract anybody... It's probably NOT just your "looks"!

Sexually speaking, men are very simple... It doesn't take much to get us going.
Therefore, if a woman can't catch a man, she either does not want anybody or
has some other kind of problem? And Hollywood is full of beautiful, rich, and
powerful women who are unable to find anybody. So, just because you're not
exactly "Model Perfect" doesn't mean that you don't have more sexual power
than some of the world's most beautiful, rich, and powerful women!

Women like the women appearing at Studio H International are more sexually
empowered than the average woman, because they are more "Free" than the
average woman, who is virtually a slave to men and a society that considers
women to be "Over the Hill" at age "50" or undesireable just because they're
over 120 lbs., or have "Frizzy" Hair, Small Boobs, etc.

Therefore, if you're tired of "stressing out" over having a "Fat Ass", getting
wrinkles, having cellulite, etc., join our Website and talk to us...  At Studio H
International we will keep it as "Real" as possible... Thus, you will be able to
get advice and opinions without all of that beard-scratching or leg-crossing
Bullshit. Plus, we understand the woman such as you and will cover topics
in a manner that you won't find at most mainstream sources. So, we WON'T
be afraid to "Go there" !

Simply go to the "Personals" section of our Website and complete the form
and snail mail it in to us... You can also place a "Fantasy" advertisement or
a "Wishlist" advertisement as well if you decide to model for us. Coded ads
are FREE to all members or only $5.00US per month for "Direct Response".
Plus, we will "point" traffic from this Website to any other dating Websites,
Voice Mail ads, etc., where you are appearing. Tell a friend... Thanks