P. O. Box 50121; Long Beach, CA U.S.A.
We seek both amateur and professional photographers from the U.S.A. and around the world... The work is very easy, and if you qualify we will either buy your pictures
or build a Website for you, where you can earn a profit from others joining Website
to view your pictures. And all that you need is one good model.  However, the more
models you can audition, the greater your potential profits because there is a great
demand for content on the Internet, and you will be able to use our Website to gain
the exposure that could help you and your models make more money. 
This can be some of the most interesting work in the world. Therefore, if you have 
a talent for talking to women, or know how to "network" or get people to help you
with finding women to pose for your camera, you could be successful at building 
a nice part-time business.  Plus, many people have built successful Websites and
businesses with just ONE MODEL! Especially if lady has "Big Tits", a Hairy Body,
or some other "extraordinary" feature. And we can help you with determining the
potential of your models. Then if you speak another language or can photograph
women of another culture, there could be a GREAT interest in your work!          
If you already have material, please submit samples for review with this Application.
If you already have a model or models, let us know... You can start out with a friend,
wife, girlfriend, etc. Especially, if she has a great body or some other feature that is
worthy of sharing with the rest of the world? Just look at the pictures on our site to
determine if lady qualifies...  Nudity is NOT required! However, nude pictures bring 
in the most money.  Your models may also remain anoymous or not revealing face
in the pictures. Thus, if lady has a "Day Job" or is well known, nobody must know 
her true identity. And we have had everybody from New York City professionals to
active members of Churches posing for naked pictures! It's no "Big Deal". And we
take pride in protecting identity of models. So, even if lady was a celebrity, it's just
like a doctor or lawyer respecting a patient or clients.
TALENT SCOUT: The Talent Scout is simply a Registered member of this Website
who informs local ladies about our Website! The Scout can be male or female with
good sales, organizational, or social abilities who is able to send ladies to our site
and assist them with completing their applications, including taking sample photo
to submit with Applications. For each Application that we receive with the Scout's
Member code on it, the Scout will earn a commission. The Scout may run ads in a
local newspaper with a Voice mail or message number to reach more candidates.
Plus, we can prepare a special web page to assist the Scout with recruiting ladies
interested in modeling. Consult with us... You must always obey the local laws in 
your area and NEVER recruit any girl or teenagers. To apply as a Scout you must
be Registered with this Website. The fee is $15.00US.
Simply complete and mail in this Application with the Deposit to above address...
You must also be Registered as a regular member and give us a "Member Code".
If you have pictures, the fee is $15.00 with your sampes. If you have NO pictures
or samples, the fee is $25.00 to register. If you plan to use our Website to recruit
new models, you must provide copies of photo I.D., copy of business license or
Tax I.D. certificate. You must have a working phone. Copies of business cards
or copies of past ads that you have placed to recruit models will also help.  And
of course, samples of your work. 
NAME:  _____________________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________________
MEMBER CODE: ___________________________
TELEPHONE: ______________________________
ADDRESS: __________________________________________
COUNTRY: _____________________________________
1.) Do you have a still camera?                    If "Yes", what type?   
2.) Do you have a video camera?                If "Yes", what type?
3.) Do you have a model or models to pose for your camera?
4.) If you DON'T have any models, how do you plan on finding them?
5.) Where will you photograph your models?
6.) Do you speak another language besides English?         If "Yes", what language(s)?
7.) Do you consider yourself an "Amateur" or  "Professional"?
8.) How many years have you been shooting?
9.) Do you understand it is "illegal" to photograph nude people under 18 years old?
10.) Do you currently have a Website?          If "Yes", give URL: 
11.) Do you currently do photography for anyone else?  
12.) Do you get the Philosopy or "Flavor" of Studio H International?
13.) Where did you hear about our Website?  
14.) Would you like to reserve a spot in a Hollywood porn production class? 
IMPORTANT: Again, if you are from South Asia, The Pacific Rim, Latin America, The Middle East,
Eastern Europe or familiar with the language and customs of these and similar nations, and can
photograph the women from these cultures or similar? Talk to us! Especially if you are "Desi" or
South Asian. We will discuss US laws and customs to keep your pictures safe and legal, etc.
By signing this statement, you hereby declare that you are an adult over the age of 18, and understand the laws of the United States of America with regards to photographing people
in the nude or in sexually explicit still or moving pictures... Therefore, you will not phtograph
any minor persons or persons below the age of 18, and understand clearly that "Studio H",
aka "Studio H International" has NO interest in minors or individuals below the age of 18
years; nor does Studio H international have any interest in material that is violent or where
a person is being forced against their will. Further, you understand that you will be working
as a free or independent agent, and on a "per assignment' basis, with understanding that
this will not constitute being formally employed by Studio H International, its owners, other
businesses or associated Websites. Therefore, you understand that you are NOT a formal
employee of Studio H International. Further, you understand that Studio H International has
the right to accept or reject any model or any work that it deems as being fit or unfit for its
purposes. All information provided this form is accurate and true. 
Signed: ________________________________________   Date:
Samples - Enclose sample pictures. Or we will have you E-mail them to us...  
Payment: ____ Cash;  ____ Check; ____  Money Order;  _____ Credit Card
Credit Cards - Link Below
Sign, complete and mail everything to above P. O. Box Address. 
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