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Studio H International welcomes both the amateur and professsional photographer from the U.S.A. and around the World who knows how
to communicate well with women and how to use a camera!

Thus, if you possess basic photography skills and have an interest
in erotic photography, perhaps we can use your talent. Especially if
you speak good English and another language.

The Internet has caused such a great demand for material, that any
photographer who is talented at locating and photographing female models can earn some easy part-time money if the model becomes popular... And we can help with selling of your material and locating
new talent, as this can be the most difficult parts of process!

Even if "sexual" or "erotic" photography is prohibited in your country,
the U.S. and Western European market is very FREE and OPEN, if
you respect the U.S.A. law, and respect the rights of your models...
And once you are registered with our Website, we will explain and
answer your questions about the U.S.A. laws, etc.

Photographers can be male OR female! However, the majority are
male, since male photographers understand what men are looking
for in a picture. Still, if you are a female photographer, advantages
do exist. Especially for certain cultures...

Again, sexual or NUDE pictures are perfectly "legal" in the U.S.A.,
Canada, and Western Europe as long as the models are over the
age of "18"! Our minimum, however, is about age of "20"... Thus,
NEVER photograph a girl below the age of 18 and send to North
America or the U.S.A., as it is considered "Child Pornography".

Otherwise, you can photograph any woman age 20 to 90 years of
age and submit the pictures for sale or trade.

Most Websites only want young and beautiful "Girls"! However,
we are looking for a VARIETY of women... So, DON'T be afraid
to send us audition or "test" pictures of any models that you can
find. We will tell you if we want more pictures of that lady. Thus,
your possibilities for work are more expanded.

You also DON'T need to spend money on expensive cameras,
fancy lighting, etc... Just take clear FOCUSED, well LIGHTED
and well framed pictures. Therefore, leave really 'fancy' stuff to
our photographer in Hollywood! However, if experienced as an
amateur or professional, we always welcome the talent.

TALENT SCOUT: If you do not have that much experience or
skill as a photographer, you can also earn money as a "Talent
Scout"? All you do is contact or find local women interested in
making money as models and give them your "Member Code".
Then, for each application that we receive with your code on it,
you'll earn a commission... Then, if we hire a model you could
also collect fee upon model completing her assignment? You
then help new models with their applications, etc.

The more ladies you can find to sign up with our Website, the
more money you can make, even if they're just curious about
learning how to be an Internet erotic model. And we can help
you maximize responses or reach more people! You simply
get a voice mail or cell to take local calls. Talk to us...

This is especially open for persons with good English skills or
ability to communicate in English and another language, since
there is an interest in ladies from other cultures! And there will
be a need to communicate with persons with whom English is
perhaps not the primary language? Thus, if you're "bi-lingual"
and familiar with the customs and laws of another nation your
value as a Scout will INCREASE! Asian language as well as
Latin language scouts are especially wanted.

All photographers must be registered with this Website to help
prove that they are "legitimate" and able to do the job... Plus, it
helps insure that you WON'T engage in any illegal activity. So,
send us samples of your work or samples of some ladies who
can pose for you.