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Studio H International is for Real Women and "Men" strong enough to handle a woman
who would have many so-called men running for the Bushes!!! Hairy legs on a woman
are not only a symbol of sexual freedom, they're a symbol of sexual power...
NOTE: Nothing scares us!!! So, don't be afraid to share your pictures or stories in our environment...
Most women spend lots of time and money removing hair from their legs... And in our opinion for the "average" woman this is probably O.K.! However, for the woman with really DARK and "noticeable" Hair Growth, we say: "Throw Away
Your Razor"... It is a myth that men don't like Hairy Legs on a Woman!!! In fact,
in many cultures this is accepted and considered to be very "Sexy". So, if you
have really noticeable or unusual leg hair growths, you could have men going "nuts" over you! And you DON'T need to be as extreme as these girls.