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We've prepared this special page, because there will no doubt be people who will fail to get
the spirit or understanding of Studio H International. There is a difference between a sexual
oddity and a physical handicap! Also, this is NOT intended to be a Website for the "grossly"
unattractive, deformed, or disfigured. Hopefully, this page will help clear this up...
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Every woman is encouraged to apply or seek our opinions and advice... However, please be realistic if
you have a condition requiring cosmetic surgery, etc. If you have a condition beyond our expertise, we
will simply tell you, "Out of our Range".
Definitely "Out of our Range"... We are not experts in the psychology of women with handicaps this
severe as well as those attracted by such conditions. Therefore, we feel that this should be handled
by experts in this area to help protect and prevent exploitation of such women.
If you have a condition that seriously impacts on the quality of your life or health, then it's probably
a condition "Outside of our Range"... The above are two extremes dealing with weight.
Even though some people may be "turned on" by a woman with some deformed Body Part,
we might consider it a condition "Outside of our Range"... Especially if it's due to a disease.
However, if a woman has adjusted well to it, and has found it to be an enhancement to her
sex life, we might consider her story, if only to help inspire other women...