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Most images of the Muslim world in the West are very distorted due to Whackos who
strap on bombs or drive airplanes or automobiles full of explosives into an innocent
crowd of women and children... However, in the more progressive or less backward
Muslim societies, people are more free to express themselves while still remaining a
faithful or true believer. And those societies move ahead socially and economically.

One of our goals is to eliminate ignorance about various cultures and socieities. So,
we present this rare sampling of videos featuring Muslims. And when you get down
to it, people are people, and people are NOT going to stop having sex! No matter the
restrictions imposed by any government or religious body... And it will eventually be
a new generation weary of living in the 7th Century that will change this.
Progresssive countries: Turkey, Egypt
Facts: NOT all Arabs are Muslim. Not all Muslims are fundamentalist Whackos, just
like all Christians are not fundamantalist Whackos. Following the initial collapse of
the Taliban in Afghanistan, BOOZE and PORN were two of biggest sellers...
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Authentic porn videos from Turkey featuring REAL people fucking and sucking in a Muslim country. This is the "Real Deal"! NO fake, plastic bodies... Just hot, swarthy, lumpy Ethnic Sex!
Real Arab Sex