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GIANT PUSSY LIPS! - This video clip features a young lady with some of the longest pussy lips that we have seen
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GIANT PUSSY GIRL PART I - This is PART I of a young lady with one of the BIGGEST FUCKING PUSSIES that
we have ever seen!!! Geeezus... This girl's pussy is so damned HUGE that her boyfriend can fuck her from behind
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GIANT PUSSY GIRL PART II - PART II of our young lady with the Giant Pussy! In this one her boyfriend shoves a
BIG Fucking bottle of a well-known beverage up her Pussy, after fucking her from behind and playing with her giant
pussy lips ( NOTE: This girl's pussy lips are about as long as girl in Video #1 ). She takes the big bottle with ease.
And it is quite erotic watching her pussy wrap around and slide up and down the bottle... Her boyfriend can barely
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GIANT PUSSY GIRL PART III - PART III of our young lady with the Giant Pussy! Yeah. O.K., in this one her man
first "pumps" her pussy with one of those "Pussy Pumps". Then, he removes the vacuum cup exposing her Giant
Swollen Pussy". Geeez... Talk about a "Giant Swollen Maw" of MEAT! Yeh. Really Nasty... Next he "Gives her a
Hand", by shoving his fist into all of that meat and pumping his hand "In-and-out". This girl has nothing but "Room 
to Spare". It's like a "closet" in there. Link 
GIANT PUSSY GIRL PART IV - PART IV of our young lady with the Giant Pussy! We've read stories about how
some women can "STORE" objects in their pussy... Including one story about a female gang member who could
store a gun inside of her Pussy? If you have heard of or witnessed such things, please tell us about it. Especially
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GIANT PUSSY GIRL PART V - In PART V we finally see what our young lady with the Giant Pussy looks like! 
Remember, if a lady has extraordinary features or talents, this will count more heavily than how pretty she is in 
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UGLY PUSSY - We're damned near Fucking "Unshockable" at Studio H International... So, when we say that a
woman has an "Ugly" Pussy, you'd better damned believe it! Geeez... Wait 'til you get a load of the Unit on this 
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CARRIE CANYON - If you have never heard of Carrie Canyon, you're likely NOT into the "Big Pussy" Sciences.
Well, prepare yourself for a BIG SHOCK! One fact about a woman's Pussy, is that woman's size doesn't mean
a DAMNED thing!!! The biggest woman might barely be able to take a finger, while the smallest or most "petite"
woman might be be able to take a Fist!  Well, Carrie Canyon is one of those small, petite women whose pussy
absolutely defies her physical size... Yeh. Wait until you see what she puts into her Pussy! She has without a
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TRUE MAN EATER - We really DON'T care how "pretty" or cute a woman's genitals are, as long as she has a
feature or ability that makes her "stand out" from most other women!  Carrie Canyon could almost be a Sports
lllustrated Swimwear Model. However, the lady in this video appears to be much shorter, older, and wider than
Miss Canyon, with an absolute hairy, "Man Eating Maw" of a Pussy!!! It ain't Pretty. However, if that's the way
that a woman naturally looks down there, we'll take it, as long as she's not diseased. Check it out  Link
NOTICE: Another mission and goal of Studio H International is to educate and enlighten in so far as alternative
forms of sex and sexual practices...  Therefore, you will witness "extraordinary" sexual practices performed by
people who clearly KNOW THEIR OWN PERSONAL LIMITS!  Therefore, we DO NOT encourage anyone to do
anything beyond their personal limits. And to determine those limits through education, "self-awareness", and
a patient and understanding sexual partner... Therefore, any sexual act should be performed voluntarily and of
person's own free will. And NEVER "Forced" against any person's will.
ULTIMATE ORGASM! - The woman in this video has one of the most awesome orgasms that we've ever seen!
Wow... The scenario is a "Cuckhold" situation, where a White husband or boyfriend seeks out a Black man to
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