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We are committed to exploring such issues as age and weight, because many women have
difficulty dealing with both issues... Therefore, if you are a woman who feels that she is too
"Old" or too "Fat", talk to us! We'll offer advice and support from a male perspective.
Women of all ages Over 40 are now discovering a renewed sexuality... Above
is a example of how a lady in her 60s can tastefully pose a picture! No matter
what your age, we can discuss ways to be a more SEXY older woman.
The above is an example of a sexy, older Plus-size woman... If you "wear your weight well",
contact us! However, we'll also discuss how to better manage your weight according to your
heredity, racial or ethnic background, etc. Including offering personalized evaluations... So,
you can finally learn the difference between being a "BBW" and just being "Fat"!