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If you're a woman like one or more of the women appearing on our
Website or if you know of such a lady, you could be making decent
money since these types of women are so rare! And it will be your
use of "Social Networking" or similar media that could really lead to
exploding your profits.

Perhaps 90% of the consumers are men, with perhaps only 10%
or less of the female population serving as models! And the huge
percentage of male consumers vs a small percentage of female
models is what makes the earnings potential so great!!!

However, as any guy knows who has surfed the Internet, there is
a large number of phonies, "scams", and frauds out there. Thus,
you must prove that you are authentic then develop a "Fan Base"
that will bring you money... And our Registration process will help
you do this as well as offer some protection.

NO nudity or sex is required and women work independently with
a choice to pose "anonymously" or not show face. Thus, if a lady
has a "Day Job" and wants to earn some extra cash, or a guy has
a girlfriend or a wife interested in making extra cash, the lady can
feel more safe and confident to post pictures or advertise on our
Website. And she DOES NOT have to be a "Beauty Queen"!

In fact, the more average or "Girl-next-Door" you are the better,
because in reality, this is the most popular type of model! Thus,
it is a myth that most men are looking for fashion models...

Therefore, if you are worried about your age, wrinkles, scars, or
some other minor 'flaw', it could be the very thing that will pull in
those extra Dollars? So, tell us about it, send us some pictures
and we'll buy your pictures, help you sell them, or find work.

However, even if you are not interested in being a model, there
are still other ways to earn extra money. Including finding some
other people interested in joining. So, if they Register you earn
a credit or commission for each person joining.

You're simply assigned a member reference code number that
earns you credit each time friends, models, or people who you
meet on the Internet, etc., joins our Website.

Plus, unlike "MLM" schemes or other "Stay at Home" or "Work"
offers, you won't need to spend a lot of money to participate or
join. So, NO purchasing of equipment, books, etc. And you can
keep the present "Day Job", attend classes, etc.

In fact, this is the perfect "Stay at Home" business because of
the Internet and advances in video and still camera technology.
And we've structured it so that almost any lady can participate,
regardless of current job or professional status... Therefore, if
you've got a healthy sexual attitude and are accepted into our
program you could be on your way to making money.

We are here to provide you with professional guidance, as well
as the right contacts if you decide to venture further in the adult
business? Therefore, you can take it as far as you want to take
it. Plus, you'll be able to work your own hours; do it while you're
on vacation, and from any city or country from around the world.
And unlike drugs or prostitution there are fewer legal issues.

We especially seek persons who are "bi-lingual" or fluent both
in English and another language... So, if you're bi-lingual your
opportunities could really explode.

If selected for model assignments, typical pay will be $100.00
to $200.00 per Hour; or Flat Rates of $200.00 to $400.00 per
assignment. Or we can BUY your photos if too far away.

Even if erotic pictures are banned in your country they're legal
in U.S.A., as long as the participants are over the age of "18".
The U.S.A. and Europe are very Free and open to permitting
erotic pictures with "legal age" Adults... Just NO minors!

If you're accepted as a model or we like your photos we will
help you develop a "Fan Base"... And having just one "Fan"
on a private Chat Line, Web Cam, via E-mail, etc. could be
all that's needed to bring you extra money or gifts. However,
the more "Fans" you develop, the more that you can make!

We DON'T take a cent of your earnings, because you work
independently! Just obey the law and respect all members.

You'll be able to legally accept cash, credit card and check
transactions... It's the perfect "Stay at Home" business for
both single or married women.Note: no space for the text!