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If you are a woman between the age of 20 and 70, who has grown weary of being judged based on your age or appearance, then our Website is just for you... Especially if you are an otherwise healthy
and erotic woman, but feel that looks are keeping people away or
possess a sexuality that is out of the ordinary?

Well, one thing we know is MEN... And although we have nothing against 'pretty' women, many of the things that women have been conditioned into thinking are "ugly", "gross" or unattractive are the
very things that turn people on!

Perhaps you've always felt awkward because you are heavy, too
tall, your Butt is "Too big", you wear glasses, etc. If accepted as
a member, we'll tell you how capitalize on that feature, then help
you find persons interested in your type. No matter how strange
or "freaky" girlfriends, Sissy men, etc. think that it might be?

We're NOT trying to encourage women to be "slobs", or to "not
care" about their appearance, etc. However, the idea that every
woman must be young, skinny, and hairless with fake jelly bags
up under her skin to be sexy is absolute Bullshit! Sophisticated
women can see thru this, and are more sexually empowered or
attractive as women.

The purpose of this Website is to celebrate the unique sexuality
of women outside of the mainstream accepted norms of Beauty
and sexuality... And to explore and debate those alternatives. If
you are comfortable with yourself and learn to properly manage
what nature has given you instead of hating yourself or trying to
appeal to some punk who's into "mannequins" you will be more
happy and appealing as a woman.

Therefore, if you have really strong "ethnic" features; hormonal imbalances that make you unusually muscular, busty, hairy, etc.;
Or if you are a sexy "Plus Size" Woman; a Sexy "Over 30", etc.,
you are encouraged to become a member, share your stories,
share your pictures, ask questions, get opinions, etc.

We especially welcome well educated and professional women.
And if you have gotten this far into our Website, you will notice it
is NOT for Dummies! Therefore, we hope to stimulate a debate
on alternative sexuality, while attracting a much higher caliber of members. And over the years, most men attracted to "Studio H" International have been above average in intelligence.

Therefore, this is NOT your typical "porn" Website. Yet, we also
don't want to make it a phoney intellectural, "snooty" experience

So, no matter your background or experience, we welcome you
to our Website as long as you're a broad minded, erotic person,
because whether you are here or at another Website, if you are
a sexually hostile or boring person, NOBODY will be interested
in you, regardless of your appearance.

Therefore, we prefer women who are sophisticated or "open"
about dealing with sexuality, because they're more interesting.
And as stupid as men can be about sex, men will pick up like
radar a woman who is sexuality hostile or negative.

We'll be the first to admit that some men can be "jerks" and
losers so far as the demands that they put on female looks.
And we'll discuss it as well as debate it with you... However,
we will be honest about female attitudes as well.

If advertising at one of those other Websites like "",
"MySpace", or a similar mainstream Website, you can post a
more standard advertisement with them, then post your more
"Naughty" pictures or information on our Website. Plus, you'll
be permitted to engage in legal commerce on our Website.

So, use our Website to socialize, experiment and explore. And
if we select you as a model we can discuss the various options
available for earning money on the Internet. Including setting up
your own Webpage or Website, "Flirting" with E-mail, Webcam,
the telephone, letters, etc. Plus, we will "point" or send traffic to
any existing Websites or Web Ads that you have! Enjoy...