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The Studio H International man is "unique"... If you have ever rolled
around with a "Fat" girl or a woman much older than you, then you'll
get the spirit of our Website. Or if you can see the sexiness in a bit
of tummy flab, hairy legs, a stretch mark, a funny looking nipple, or
some other strange or unique female talent, feature, or ability then
perhaps you get the spirit of this Website.

We were founded out of boredom with the standard of "sexiness"
and beauty established by the mainstream culture... Therefore, if
you like a "Real Woman" instead of surgically enhanced little girls,
then this Website is meant for you... And we also welcome gents
can who appreciate the unique and exotic beauty of a lady from a
different racial, cultural, or ethnic group.

Therefore, we seek male members 'above average' in intelligence; broad-minded or "worldly" in their outlook on life, because we'll be dealing with erotica here, in a manner that you won't find on most
other "adult" Websites!

Most adult photo Websites are a "passive" experience where you
simply join and download the content with no expectation from the Website so far as your participation. However, we want members
with stories, pictures, tips, and information to help further expand
this mission.

Thus, we prefer members who have had experiences or perhaps
done a little bit of traveling, experienced different types of ladies,
culture, etc., and intelligent enough to communicate and share.

So, if you've been around a bit or would like to experience more
than the "safe" erotica of most mainstream Websites, join today
and help us in our quest to present the most unique and "exotic"
women in the World... Including your friends, girlfriends, women
who you know, have "seen around", etc.

We also want a safe environment where a lady who is "different"
or not fitting the mainstream standard can place personal ads or
socialize without harassment or rejection... Or having some idiot
or "Cheap skate" not show them any respect for the pleasure of
sharing stories, pictures, and information with us.

We welcome women from around the world...The lady could be a
girlfriend or someone who you know. Thus, you would want other
members to treat her with respect. Right? So, keep that in mind if
dealing with female members of the Website, because she might
be a lady who you know?

Therefore, you'll be expected to conduct yourself like gentlemen
by respecting a woman's "boundaries" based on her personal or business advertisement. Thus, if a lady's running a "NON-sexual" personal advertisement DON'T be a "Pig" by sexually harassing
her with suggestive language, etc. unless she's given the proper
cue for you to do so, etc.

Also, if a woman is "married" in her advertisement be cautious or respect that boundary... Perhaps the lady just wants to entertain
or sell her pictures, without any personal meetings, etc. So, be a
"grown up" if that's as far as she wants it to go? Unless she has
a marriage that is "open" or is a "swinger", etc.

If a lady has posted a story, pictures, information or sends you
to this Website simply ask for her member code and use code
to join our Website or to send her a gift, purchase a picture or
to communicate with her... These ladies DO NOT work for us!
They all work independently. So, with exception of the Affiliate
fees, in which lady gets 50%, all earnings go to the lady.

Thus, if you and a lady friend, wife, etc., post something here,
you also could earn money splitting commission fees, selling
pictures, etc. on our Website.

The minimum preferred age for males to register for this Website
is the age of 25 years! And the reason is because we feel that a
much younger guy simply lacks the sexual patience or maturity to properly deal with this Website... Plus, some of the material that
will be presented here is simply too sexually radical for younger
persons to properly digest.

So, if you are man enough to handle an alternative woman or the
woman not fitting the mainstream or accepted standard of beauty
or sexuality, then you are welcomed to join and contribute to our
Website... This ain't for "Boys" or Sissies.