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Following is a listing of talents and features some of which women have been told are
undesireable but are actually considered to be sexy by many and worth MONEY! Over
the years we have seen almost everything. So, DON'T be afraid to contact us if you're
a woman fitting any of the following with the exception of any birth defect or physical
handicap or deformity that physically or socially impacts your quality of life.

  1. Women with Armpit, leg, facial, back, chest or body hair
  2. Women who are unusually tall ( 5' 10" + )
  3. Women, age 40 and above - known as "MILFs"
  4. Women, age 60 and above - known as "GILFs"
  5. Women with Acne - Face, Chest, Back or Ass
  6. Women with "Stretch marks"
  7. Women with "Cellulite"
  8. Women with Large Butts
  9. Women with Glasses - "Geeks"
  10. Women who are "Flat Chested"
  11. Women who are attractive large or "Plus Size" - aka "BBWs"
  12. Women who are Muscular
  13. Women with Large Vaginas - Size or opening
  14. Women with Large Vaginal Lips or "Labia"
  15. Women with Large Clitoris'
  16. Women with Tatoos
  17. Women with Piercings - Genital or Nipples
  18. Women who are "Natural" Redheads
  19. Women with Freckles
  20. Women who are slightly "Cross-eyed"
  21. Women with Large Feet - Size 10+
  22. Women with "Floppy" Breasts - Small or Large
  23. Women with Large Areolas - The rings that surround the Nipples
  24. Women with Giant Nipples
  25. Women with "Big Legs"
  26. Women with lots of Pubic Hair - "Bush!"
  27. Women with a "Happy Trail" - Hair growing to navel
  28. Women with a "Hairy Ass" - Cheeks, Crack, or Asshole...
  29. Women with Large Noses - Indian, Middle Eastern, Jewish
  30. Women with Long Hair
  31. Women with Grey or Peppered Grey Hair
  32. Women who are Bald Headed
  33. Women who are "Contortionists" - Extra Flexible
  34. Women who can "Fist" or masturbate with Large Objects
  35. Women who can "Twerk"
  36. Women who can "Clap" their Butt Cheeks
  37. Women who can "Queef" or Fart air with their Vagina
  38. Women who can puff cigarettes or cigars with their Vagina
  39. White women with a nice "Booty"
  40. Asian women with a nice "Booty"
  41. Asian women who are very Busty
  42. Women with sexy or "Pretty Feet"
  43. Women having an extra "long" or deformed Toe