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One mission and goal of Studio H International is to celebrate women
NOT fitting the "mainstream" standard for sexiness and beauty... This
however, doesn't mean intentionally searching for "Ugly" in a woman!
We've actually seen many ladies who could easily qualify as Fashion
models with incredible body hair growth or other cosmetic issues that
would disturb the average person.

Thus, we welcome women considered to be odd or "different", since
there really is alot of Love for such women despite what is being told
in the outside world... And with exception of classic works of art and
Hollywood movies, real women are NOT 'perfect' or meant to all look
the SAME! 

Therefore, we seek "Real Women" and "Real Men" who are attracted
to Real Women, because that's the way that it is in the 'Real' World!!!
And hence, it is simply a myth that men DON'T like women with body 
issues or so-called "imperfections"...

In fact, we will break ALL of the traditional rules for what most people
on the outside consider to be sexy or attractive! However, this does
not mean that we feel a woman should "neglect" her appearance or
not seek self-improvement...

Every lady is encouraged to be as attractive as possible, however,
this shouldn't mean conforming to some "unrealistic" standard set
by the entertainment, fashion, and cosmetics industries!

The most brilliant "makeover" reality show was Fox TVs "The Swan",
because it took real women who really needed help and turned their
lives around... And the only thing we could find any fault with was
their pushing of artificial Breast Implants.

Some men like a woman with "Small Tits"! And there are perfectly
beautiful and healthy women who are "Flat Chested". Therefore, if
you're a small Breasted woman, don't sweat it. And DON'T poison
your body with something that could just make you feel good for a
brief period of time.

Minor degrees of plastic surgery to correct funny looking ears or a
bump on a nose, etc., are understandable. We just object to doing
anything that erases ethnic heritage or puts substances into your
body that could effect your health for reasons of vanity.

Thus, if you are one of those women who worries about the size
of her ass or thinks that 120lbs is too "Fat" for a healthy woman,
or worries about having acne, wrinkles, saggy Breasts, etc., we
can give you a more honest and supportive opinion.

Most women are pretty clueless about what is truly considered to
be sexy or attractive, because they've listened too much to other
women as well as ignorant and insecure men, plus a fashion and
cosmetics industry that encourages and plays off of insecurity.

Women in other countries have figured it out, however, American
women appear most confused. And in many parts of Asia as well
as Latin America women have resisted the influence of American
companies telling them that female body hair, wrinkles, sags, and
panty lines, etc., are not sexy. And as a result, foreign women are
just a bit more healthy mentally and physically.

A woman's attitude also weighs heavy as a factor in to how sexy
or "beautiful" she is, because there are many women who could
easily be considered fairly "homely" or unattractive who have no
problems attracting men. Which is not to say that men don't like
pretty women... However, if a woman is pretty with a bad attitude
she will drive men away just as much if she was ugly.

Pretty women are nice to look at, but if that's all that there is the
average man will stray or lose interest. Just ask any number of
beautiful female celebrities. Or ask a woman who is homely or
older, fat, etc., exactly how she is able to hold onto a man? It's
more than sex - trust us. So, you will be able to explore as well
as discuss this here.

Men also get turned-off if they tell the lady in their life that she
looks just fine, but the lady continues to doubt it or exhibit low
self-esteem, despite his encouragement. After a while, it gets
old and he could start looking elsewhere. So, DON'T take the
man for granted who is willing to accept you...

Therefore, a woman can be "Fat", older, or not exactly model
perfect and still attract or hold on to a man despite being less
pretty than another woman if she has right attitude and learns
what men really like. And it's NOT what you see in the media
or hear from your mother, girlfriends, etc.

So, join us and become more natural and confident with your
body image... You'll be able to explore or learn about sexual
attraction beyond the narrow-minded philosophy of the main-
stream world.