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Following are images of women with unusually large "Nipples" and "Areolas"! The average
person confuses the Nipples with the Areolas... Therefore, we've prepared this special page
to eleminate this confusion once and for all... Thus, if you possess some Big Pancake Size
" Areolas", or incredible 1 / 2 " to 1" long Nipples, please contact us!!!
It is our editor's personal experience that Asian women from Contenental Asia, i.e.,
China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, etc., -- as opposed to Asian Island nations such
as Japan, The Philippines, etc. have some of the most incredibly sized Nipples in
the World!!! Ranges of 1 / 2" to 3 / 4 "are very common... This lady is Thai.
O.K., Boys and Girls, here is a perfect example of a woman with incredibly sized "Areolas"! Most people confuse them with the "Nipple"... Ms. Melonie Rose has some of the Biggest in the World! Contact us if you can "equal" or Top her? If you have trouble with "Air-e-ola", simply call them "Nipple Rings"!