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Tel: 323- 850- 8993
Certification will greatly increase your chance to make money and effectively socialize.
Thus, if accepted as a member and we can certify you in one or more of the categories
mentioned on this Website or you file some basic information with us, it could explode
the chances for you to make money or meet people, because so few women qualify as
alternative women and there are so many phonies and scammers on the Internet. So, if
you get certified, people can feel more safe about dealing with you.

Most men surfing on the adult Internet have been burned by some Idiot claiming to be
a woman or contacting somebody who is nothing but a "redirect" or a Fake or "Dead"
profile... Therefore, if a man wants to spend money he's hesitant, since he knows that
the woman might be a Fake. And if a lady wants to socialize or do business she does
not know how serious the guy is or if he is nothing but a cheap Loser only interested
in sending her pictures of his Cock and Balls. However, by everybody being certified
or registered, everybody can feel more confident about dealing with each other.

Our standards for certification will be fairly strict... For example, most women claiming
to be hairy are usually NOT that "Hairy"... Or perhaps some lady claims to have "Giant
Nipples" or some other unique feature on our "Listing". If it passes our scrutiny and a
posting is made on Craigslist, Backpage, etc., people will be able to verify that woman
is certified as "authentic", thus making it possible for her to make money or to receive
gifts and also better "screen" her contacts. Plus, you can feel more confident that you
are dealing with a "real" person instead of a random Internet phony.

Everyone must also be age 21 or older to keep things legal and discourage teenage
and child sex trafficking and predators. You must also have a verifiable street, "Mail
Drop" or Post Office Box mailing address to help prove that you are a "real" person.
Also, if we send you money or gifts or hire you as a model or photographer or send
you something on your "Wishlist" we must have a legitimate street or a legit mailing
address on file to help prove that you're a real person. It can be on a check, it can be
on a "redacted" or selectively blacked out bill or a return address label, etc. So, your
home address or mailing address is for verification purposes only!

Internet, where your information is "mined" and sold. Also, collecting and selling a
person's name for junk mailing is nothing but "old school" marketing Bullshit. Just
like like modern "Spam" is outdated marketing Bullshit. We have been around long
enough to know that the returns are just too low for it to be worth it, plus privacy is
a big issue on the Intenet. What limited data that we do collect will be collected and
stored "offline" for added safety and privacy.

If you make contact with another member or a member makes contact with you, it
will be via E-mail or telephone. They must give you their member code when they
make contact to let you know they are a member. If not, then you know that you're
dealing with an outsider or an imposter and can ignore their message. Or you can
direct them to sign up to our network giving your Member code as reference. This
will earn you a $5.00US commission if they or any person signs up with the code!
We can also relay or "forward" letters through our address to any member's mail
or home address as a screening mechanism.

So, make sure that you have a "public" E-mail, voice mail or a telephone number
that we can privately circulate to other members... You'll be able to make contact
privately and "1 on 1" or "off-the-grid". Including conducting any adult business,
such as selling pictures, videos, Web cam services, an Escort service or direct a
person to your your private picture postings online, your Craigslist or Backpage
ads, etc. And because you're registered with us, it will greatly lessen the chance
for you getting into trouble with the law, as opposed to the open Internet, where
you might risk dealing or communication with a minor or conducing a business
transaction or activity that could get you into trouble. Plus, we will also examine
and approve all advertisements before they're put into circulation.

We will also be working on an "honor system", where members can report any
Douchebag behavior, rip-offs, etc., and will discuss ways to deal with any nuts,
perverts or other characters, because we've dealt with all types over the years.
So, you'll be able to tap into our many years of experience, including advice on
how to best receive payments and gifts, how to "Dovetail" your adult business
into an existing business... Or if you already have an adult business or Website,
various strategies to get traffic to your business. And if each member is properly certified and registered, you'll be dealing
with a more sound pool of people to socialize and conduct business.

So, you'll be more Free to conduct business through our network without any
worries about your posting getting deleted, Flagged, etc., and tap into years of

deal with, you'll also
be able to tap into our many years of experience, including marketing, how to
best receive payments and gifts, , including "dovetailing" your adult business
into another exiting business. If you already have an adult business or Website,
talk to us!

If you are some Dude with a really interesting, "Freaky", sexy or hot lady
that you'd like to share with other members, you are encouraged to apply...
Then, if you are accepted you could build up a Fan base and start making money.

If you are a lady or a couple where the lady would like to possibly earn money with pictures or videos you must first register with our Website and send us samples or
be ready to send samples for review. Then, if they're interesting and we can verify
that the pictures are authentic, we'll work with you to assemble something that you
can sell through our Website, on Craigslist, etc. Or we may purchase or send you something from your "Wishlist".

So, if you give us something good that we can work with, we'll get behind you 100%,
including circulating your ad to other members. Otherwise your ad can get lost on a
Website like Craigslist and even possibly deleted.

So, you'll be able to receive more accurate personals and business listings without
worries of it just being another Scammer, redirect to another Website or college kid

Fucking with your head. Certification will protect both you and the public, because

you'll be dealing with folks having a known record on file. Plus, it prevents children
or minors getting ahold of your material and helps prevent children involved in sex
trafficking from being exploited. Then, if some guy acts like a Jerk or some lady rips
somebody off, they can be reported and lose any further ability to socialize or make
money through our service.

Male member always give your member code so a lady can confirm that you are
a member and not just some other random Idiot off the Internet. And if you're NOT
a member, simply ask for the lady's code to get a $5.00 discount off of applying to
this Website. Note: no space for the text!